• I was wondering if anyone has thought about having different combat rules for different units. For instance I have always thought it was weird that tanks could so effectively attack fighter planes. I know it was done for simplicity but, I think for more advanced players things could be adjusted. I think every unit should have another unit that is particularly good at defeating it or something like that. Anyone’s thoughts?

  • Indeed. This certainly needs to be addressed for this is a strategy game. Simplicity has made certain aspects of the game a bit of a fantasy.

    Tanks killing planes, subs killing subs, planes fighting on despite land control (air fields, logistics, support) has been lost…the list goes on and on.

    AARHE (Axis and Allies Revsied Historic Edition) headed by Imperious Leader aims to address many realism aspects of the game so one can see the difficulties faced by each side. Land and naval combat is certainly one of the focuses.

    Although we won’t necessary go down to one unit “countering” another. This is a strategy game not a tactical game and each unit represents division/corps.

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    Admiral: I know where you got your name!

    anyway a national unit value list would be possible only with a d12 system goto harrisgamedesign and you will find the official way how we did it over at his site.

    called d12 unit value list.

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