Tips: for unloading transports

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    You don’t follow the transport instructions exactly, you might find your units “stuck” on the transport.

    To “fix” this.

    • Left-click the transport
    • This brings up the dossier in the lower left
    • Left-click the unit on the transport
    • Right-click on the territory to unload into

    To reproduce the “stuck” condition

    1. Left click transport
    2. Right click a unit to load
    3. Left click the transport again

    If for some reason you want to leave 1 unit on the transport, it appears that you’re out of luck.

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    I like all the hard work put into the game but I’m having some issues especially around transports.

    1. Left-click transport.
    2. Right-click a territory to move it
    3. Left-click a unit to pick up … oops, wrong mouse button
    4. Left-click transport
    5. Right-click unit, huh? Nothing happened
    6. Cancel the transport move
    7. Repeat steps 1-2
    8. Left-click a unit to pick up … oops, dammit, I did it again
    9. Cancel the transport move
    10. Cry a little
    11. Repeat steps 1-2
    12. Left-click unit to pick up

  • Thanks for the feedback! We’ll surely look for ways to further polish the experience.

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    Warning: TL;DR Post with a lot of Programming Mumbo-Jumbo
    If I can provide a recommendation, why not try having units move into SZs containing Transports, rather than having Transports need to click units to load them.

    Implementing the logic would be a bit trickier, sure, but it’d probably go something like (pseudo-coded out the wazoo):



    if(destinationTile.type() == “Sea”){
    //Prompt the player to select a Transport to be loaded.
    //Prevent the unit from moving.


    And, in a separate area that handles the logic for individual tiles on the map:

    seaTile extends Tile{

    canLoad(LandUnit unit){
    result = false;
    List<Units> units = this.getUnits();
    for(i = 0; i < units.size(); i++){
    if(units.get(i).getType() == “Transport”){
    if(((transport) units.get(i)).canLoad(unit)){
    result = true;
    return result;


    And later, in the area that handles the Transport:

    Transport extends NavalUnit{

    canLoad(LandUnit unit){
    if(unit.getType() == “Infantry”){
    if(this.getCargo.size() < 2){
    return true;
    return false;
    //Unit attempting to be loaded is ART/TANK/AA Gun
    if(this.getCargo.size() < 2 && !(this.getCargo().contains(“ART”) || this.getCargo().contains(“TANK”) || this.getCargo().contains(“AA Gun”))){
    return true;
    return false;


    Wow, the formatting is terrible for code-blocks on here. I guess the forum software likes cutting leading spaces.

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    @djensen I can’t make it work correctly especially for later game Allied moves when I have 10+ transports

  • 2019

    Question about transport loading/unloading

    I’m playing test games to get accustomed to the interface. I want to load 1 inf from India onto trn in sz35 then move trn to sz34, load inf from Persia and drop both inf into Egypt. I can’t figure out how to make that happen. The rules allow this as long as trn has enough movement points… Help?

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    Left-click the transport then it’s all right-clicks. If you left-click again, it’s best to just start over from scratch. I’ve been doing this a lot lately with transports.

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    I think there is a “bug” if you have a stack of transports and a stack on infantry. They get loaded like this

    2 transport and 4 infantry

    transport a <- 1st inf
    transport b <- 2nd inf
    transport a <- 3rd inf
    transport b <- 4th inf

    It’s a convenience for some situations but inconvenient for most others.

  • @djensen @rem400 Left-click transport. Right-click the infantry. Right-click the SZ34. Right-click the infantry in Persia. Right-click Egypt.

    If you have a stack of transports and a stack on infantry, keep right-clicking infantry, they’ll load. You can also open the dossier and pick each transport individually to be able to see what is loaded where.

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    @JuliusBorisovBeamdog It works but the dossier can get a little fidgety. I still have not gotten the hang of it. For me, if I accidentally left-click along the way, I just start from scratch. Sometimes I’ll reset an entire region of the board just to see what is happening.

    Also, this is a tough one. I wish I had some suggestions for making it better. Generally speaking I like the new way but I keep making mistakes (esp with transports). At least the reset is super quick now. Shift-Right-Click for the win!

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