How to effectively trade territories between Germany and Russia

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    When I play, Russia and Germany often trade territories quite a bit in the early turns and then kind of stall out for a bit when they both get a stack of troops in place. At this point, we end up with a few territories with 1 infantry or so on them. Particularly for Germany is it correct to take two infantry and a plane from your stack and try to take these easy pickings? You only get 2 production from it and you might lose an infantry in the process, but at least you force Russia to try and take it back? Presumably Germany can afford the losses so it makes sense to keep trading these territories back and forth right?

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    It works both ways. Russia takes back territories to block Germany from blitzing ( 2 move Units ) and to delay the Moscow attack as long as possible and Germany hopes Russia doesn’t take back a territory and can hit Moscow sooner or if you ain’t paying attention do a attack on Moscow sooner.

  • @SS-GEN thanks!

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