Russia Round One–How to justify anything but inf?

  • @Hobbes:


    next turn the W.Russia stack should retreat, no matter what Germany does (but yes, Karelia is about their best choice).

    As long as Germany controls Eastern Europe, Russia should keep a stack on West Russia as long as possible. With it, it can trade 7 IPC worth of territories with the Germans and keep their advance in check. If it pulls out the stack then Russia is effectively allowing a ton of IPCs to the Germans: Karelia, Belorussia, Ukraine, West Russia.

    true, but if Germany puts enough troops in position to defeat the W.Russian army (like in your example, + air force + units from other territories that probably can reach W.Russia), i am inklined to pull back (or turn south, depending on the situation).
    Against a German player that will take W.Russia with the minimal amount of units, i will take W.Russia back the next turn with some inf + fighters. I know that is a game that won’t last long in Spring 42.
    Call me a semi-agressive Russian 😉

    that said, consulting the map i notice that i usually take Belarus and ukraine while keeping a stack in W.Russia, backed up by Caucasus and Russia. Clearly i don’t know this map by heart (yet). So i guess i was  agreeing with you, heh. 😄 sorry for that
    Keeping W.Russia (and trade Ukraine, Belarus or even Karelia when possible).

    edit: i do usually retreat my tanks, though

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