• So, a group of us got together for our first game of 1914 utilising the Gen Con tournament rules. We were aiming to get in 5-6 Rounds.
    1914 - Tournament Rules - Bid +12 Central Powers

    Bid in the form of infantry were placed in:
    Trieste, Tyrolia, Alsace and Budapest.

    Purchasing two fighters on the first turn, the AH commander has decided that he will get the most out of his artillery if it is the last thing he does. Austria-Hungry opens the game with attacks into Serbia, Venice and Tuscany. Serbia went well controlling the territory with a medium stack remaining. The attacks in Venice and Tuscany did not go as well as planned with both of them remaining contested with a lone Italian infantry holding the door in both. The AH sends reinforcements to Galicia and Budapest.

    Russia decides on a 5 Inf, 1 Art, 1 Fig purchase to open up his account. The Russian’s send a token force to activate Romania while pushing into Mesopotamia and SZ20. Meso results in one lone Ottoman standing his ground, the Russian commander looks at his British counter part acknowledging that an Amphibious Assault into Meso should rid the Ottomans of their defences. The SZ20 Fleet is sent to the bottom of the Ocean leaving a Russia Cruiser to patrol the coast. Russians funnel to Sevastopol while a large stack meets in Poland.

    Germany liking the idea of numbers and air support goes 7 Inf, 2 Art and 1 Fig. Germany starts off walking into the Gold Coast, Nigeria and Belgium Congo. On the European front Germany launches the three pronged attack into Belgium, Holland and Lorraine. Lorraine and Holland remain contested as yet again lone infantry hold down the fort. Belgium is crushed and is now occupied by a medium sized German stack. The Navy also gets to work sinking the British Fleets in both SZ2 and SZ9. The SZ9 Fleet is standing tall having two Cruisers and a damage Battleship remaining. Reinforcements move to Alsace and Ruhr.

    The French roll out 2 Inf 3 and 1 Fig. Wanting to stand his ground early, the French launch pretty much everything into Lorraine crushing the Germans in one foul swoop. Picardy is left with a token defender in an attempt to bait the Germans on G2. The French activate Albania for the Italians, mass their fleet in SZ8 and march some troops to Algeria.

    Calcutta wants troops, the British start with a purchase of 4 Inf, 3 Art and 1 Fig. The British stroll into Angola and GEA with tea and biscuit in toe. The Egyptians roll into Trans-Jordan but the Ottomans hold strong with an Infantry and Artillery remaining. Remembering the look the Russian Commander gave him, 2 Inf and 2 Artillery lead and Amphibious Assault into Mesopotamia. The dice are brutal, it seems the British forgot to load their weapons. The lone Ottoman surrounded by Russian’s and Brits holds his head high, his reinforcement can now reach as the territory remains contested. Could this be the Entente’s undoing already?

    Strapped for funds the Ottomans purchase 4 Inf and 1 Art. A token force is sent to activate Bulgaria while troops reinforce Trans-J. Seizing the opportunity, the Ottomans launch and all out assault on Meso, this is a great result. All the Entente are cleared out while 8 Inf and 2 Art remain for the Ottomans.

    3 Inf 1 Art is the call. Italy gets moving launching attacks into Tuscany, Smyrna, Trieste and SZ18. Trieste results in a draw but keeps the AH pinned down, SZ18 is a disaster with the Italians losing their entire fleet while leaving the AH navy in tack. Tuscany and Smyrna are a huge success. Reinforcements are sent to GEA and Venice.
    Not at War the US simply purchase 3 Transports.

    End 1 Reduced.jpg

    6 inf and 2 Art are purchased. The AH hits, Venice, Albania, Tyrolia and the lone French Transport in SZ17. Venice remains contested but Albania and Tyrolia are in the hands of the AH.

    Continuing the trend 6 Inf 2 Art and 1 Fighter are purchased. The Russians launch into Galicia taking it from the AH. A Fighter backed by a large stack of Infantry and Artillery holds the territory. Reinforcements arrive in Poland and Sevastopol.

    Thinking outside the square 4 inf 4 Art 1 Sub and 1 Fighter are purchased. German finishes off Holland and launches massive assaults into Poland and Lorraine. Both territories remain contested. The loss of units in Poland is extreme with Germany rolling up 16 hits to the Russians 11. Lorraine was almost as brutal with 6 Inf 2 Art and 1 Fig (German) remaining against 9 Inf and 6 Art (French).

    The French are thinking numbers and purchase 10 infantry while they can. The Germans did not fall for the Picardy trap. This has left the French in awkward position. Having intel on the current German positions, the order is made for all available French to fall back to Burgundy. The battle-weary troops from Lorraine are met by their Paris counter parts. The French Fleet moves to SZ9 locking the Germans in and creating a safety buffer for any British purchases.

    Sensing the French need help the British order 3 Transports and train 4 new regiments of Infantry. The British take control of the Belgium Congo and Persia while sinking the AH Fleet in SZ17 and reinforcing the Italians in Smyrna. Transports are launched along side the French Fleet and the Infantry sent to India.

    Ottomans go with a 3 inf 2 Art split. Troops are sent into Romania, Smyrna and Tran-J. Romania is a great success adding a much needed boost to the income while Smyrna and Trans-J remain contested.

    4 inf 1 Art is the call. Italy smashes into Venice but again come up short. The territory remains contested as these lone infantry just don’t know how to quit. A token force is left in Tuscany as the AH transport remains. Rome is re-stocked.

    Not at War. 2 Transports 1 Art and 1 Fig is purchased.

    End 2 Reduced.jpg

    Wanting to keep the Entente navy on its toes, the AH purchases a Battleship along with 4 Inf and 1 Art. Austria-Hungry launch into Galicia and send reinforcements into Venice.

    Russia roll out 5 Inf and 4 Art. Attacks are launched into Meso and Galicia which both result in contested territories. They also send the Battleship to take out the misplaced German Submarine. Reinforcements are sent to Poland.

    Germany, following the footsteps of the AH purchase a Battleship along with 7 Inf and 3 Art. Attacks are launched into Poland and Picardy. The Germans easily remove the lone French defender in Picardy and crush the Russians in Poland.

    The French with diminished funds purchase 4 inf and 2 Art. Knowing support from the British and US is on it way, the French attack Lorraine and Picardy with reasonable sized forces. Both battles result in contested territories.

    The British purchase 7 Inf 1 Art and a Transport for the land-bridge. The boys get some work done this turn sending troops and ships into Belgium, Meso, Ankara and SZ18. FINALLY, the AH Fleet is sunk. Belgium has the Germans held up and the attacks into Meso and Ankara have put the Ottomans into Economic Collapse and will have them Politically collapsing unless they can recover by their turns end.

    Being in Economic Collapse no purchases can be made. The Ottomans launch a solo attack into Ankara, preventing a Political Collapse.

    3 Inf 2 Art is the call. Italy walk into Albania taking much needed IPCs and once again confront the AH in Venice. Are we setting a record for a territory being contested?!!!

    The US are at War! Purchases are 1 Sub 1 Transport 1 Inf and 1 Art. The Fleet with loaded transports reinforces Picardy.

    End 3 Reduced.jpg

    Unfortunately, the store was closing so the game had to be called at this stage. The Economic Victory Points were 9-9 at the end of turn 3. We had aimed to play 5-6 rounds however, being newbies, strategy, general thinking, reading of the rules and lunch ate into the game play. Either way I thought I would share the experience for entertainment value.

    Working off a 6 round game and the tournament rules, who do you think was going to be the victor?

    Hope you enjoyed.

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    @Slip-Capone IMO Entente was going to win. Ottomans were set to Political Collapse by ~Round 5 and the Americans were on-track to turn things around in France.

    Best Central Powers could have hoped for to counter would have been collapsing Russia, but I think the IPC swing would have went towards the Entente in the end.

    Interesting report, though.

  • For those interested the last 3 rounds were played out.

    The final score after 6 full rounds was Entente 29 Central Powers 27.

    Unfortunately no notes or images taken.

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