One-on-one FTF game, should we use OOB or PTR

  • I’m planning to play a one-on-one game of 1914 with a friend next week. I have read the rulebook, but I will need to explain all the rules to him, and then play the game. In order to make the game faster, should we use the PTR, even though there’d be more rules to explain (including the political/economic collapse thresholds)? Do the PTR make the game more balanced?

    In any case, is there some document that summarizes the rules overall? This game seems to have a lot of specialized rules, in comparison to games like 1942, and I want to be able to explain all the rules in a relatively concise and comprehensible manner.

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    I would not play the Tournament rules on yiur first game, for fear it would complicate things and put them off.
    Do ensure, however, that you play the new rules regarding the U.S. and its movement restrictions. Have fun.

  • Hmm, even though the allies have an advantage? Would using OOB rules make for a longer game?

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    I think his friend would be able to see if he liked it, then the Tournament Rules could be introduced in the next game. Chances are, they will not  finish the game anyway.
    I would always remove a Feench TT and change one Battleshop for a Cruiser. Was that introduced in the TR?
    I agree the Allies have it easier OOB.

  • I think the US movement changes are in the errata, but the French ship change (as well as some more setup changes) are in the TR.

  • Should we use the Russian Revolution rules?

  • In my opinion it is impossible for the CPs to win without the Russian Revolution rules (still super hard with them). Be sure however, to allow the Central Powers to decline the armistice if they wish, as detailed in the errata.

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