• Other options for Britain of course- send troops to the Med to help Italy/Africa; send troops to… wait for it… Russia to prevent revolution.  Britain is realistically the only country capable of supplying direct support to Russia.

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    We don’t know for sure if Britain is allowed to send units to Russia, or how many SZs there are in the Arctic area. The UK probably needs all its transports to get the army into France.

    In the ongoing demo game, my instinct would be to pile the B.E.F. into Picardy and build up a sizable army there. Very little can be gained by taking out the single German in Belgium, and the B.E.F. would then be exposed to a German counter-attack.

  • True, we don’t know if Britain can send help to Russia.  My thought was that the UK is the most flexible country from the start- in that it should be able to supply help where needed.  The USA is also flexible, but 5-6 turns from helping.

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