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    Interesting Charles de Gaulle. I’d actually forgotten/not considered in my head that the Axis minors would move and attack separate from Germany. That does add differences, though in two directions I feel.

    1. You’re absolutely right, that they will perform a great can-opening role in that regard. Arguably lets Italy more or less focus solely in the Med.

    2. The downside here is that you’re taking IPC’s away from Germany. Again, I won’t sit here and say it unbalances a game that I haven’t tried, but just curious. Bulgaria is a good example. What if that 1 IPC a turn affects Germany from building one more tank, one more bomber, one more sub, etc. It’ll take 3 turns of Bulgaria to get one infantry built, when in those same three turns Germany (potentially) loses out on something stronger than an infantry. Again, just playing devils advocate.

    I hadn’t realized your intentions with Finland either. Very interesting game mechanic there, to have them both help and hinder the Germans in that regard.

    Again, the biggest question mark for me is the added minor complexes added. Those, now free, complexes will be massive targets for either side. You’re right about Finland too, take minor would be a huge prize for the USA maybe to nab for free and build troops from.

    Definitely curious on others’ thoughts as well.

  • If you are interested, give it a try, possibly tweaking anything that annoys you.  The NOs are important but can be easily adjusted to suit your tastes.  This variant is great fun to play with nine players.  Nine?  Yes.
    Italy, Vichy
    Romania, Hungary, Finland, Bulgaria, Siam
    Soviet Union
    United States
    Commonwealth of Nations
    United Kingdom, Poland, Greece
    China, Free France, Mongolia, Holland/Belgium
    (This is only an example)

    This makes for a very fun team game.  Note the increase in forces and IPCs that enables more people to have action, and unfortunately lengthens the monster game.

    Norway would probably be the only power I would add, but aside from ships (which would be awkward for the setup), action upon liberation, and maybe a partisan rule, Norway has a hard time doing anything at this point.

    Also, I should reiterate that most of the new powers have limited buying power as indicated in the setup.  This means that Hungary is not going to be pumping out mechanized infantry with its 3 IPCs and one bonus buck.  It is something else to consider in the question of balance in the Eastern Front.

  • I am in the middle of playing this game as Germany and the Axis Minors, and I have found that the Axis have a major advantage, since the Finns can declare war turn 1, tie up Soviet troops for a turn, on turn 2, Hungary and Romania can declare war, take East Poland and Bessarabia, then turn 3, the Germans (who have built up tanks in Poland, Hungary, and Romania), can sweep through and take Belarus, W Ukraine, and Ukraine. Then, the Axis Minors can can-open Bryansk and Smolensk. Moscow falling before turn 5 seems quite possible.

    As for Canada, a few subs can hold them back for a few turns. Turn 1: kill Canadian navy, turn 2, Canada builds a new navy, turn 3, Canada kills your subs. It’s quite possible for Canada to just sap 7 IPCs a turn from UK London’s money for 4 turns, without much of a return.

    This also allows Italy to focus exclusively on Egypt, as Germany can use its Paris veterans to kill Yugoslavia en route to Russia t2. Bulgaria can’t defeat Greece by itself, but it can weaken it enough that either Germany or Italy can kill Greece without much fuss (together with Southern France, that’s 2/3 of the Roman Empire objective). So Italy doesn’t urgently need to provide a can-opener in Russia, doesn’t have to worry about French North Africa (at least not at first), and has Balkan allies (plus aid from Germany if need be), to knock out Yugoslavia and Greece.

    I think that a few things that could help here are: giving Russia more units in the north (to counter Finland), giving Russia more units in the centre (Kazakhstan, Samara, Novosibirsk), that can fight the new Axis Minors, making South Africa or Free France stronger (to help fight Italy), and giving Canada more of a navy.

    All in all, this is still a great setup! 8.5 stars out of 10.

  • Interesting points.  But here are some things to consider:

    First of all, how are you killing the Canadian navy?  Three Germans subs can reach SZ106.  In defense there is a destroyer, a Dutch cruiser (Princess Juliana), and a tactical bomber scrambling from the air base on Nova Scotia.  Did you notice all three of these defenders in the setups?

    Although London will have trouble defending itself, the additions of Canada and South Africa actually serve to be bad for Italy  Even if the UK is worried about London, South Africa is still going to be pumping out units to protect Egypt.  Also, if London did fall, it’a not a big deal to Egypt because the Empire is still building.  With both NOs, South Africa can be sending three mechs a turn up to Congo and Egypt.  Combined with Free France, this setup actually can hurt Italy.  The bonuses are French North Africa and the Balkans as you mentioned.

    The Eastern Front needs a total reworking of tactics.  A well-prepared line of defense from Ukraine to Leningrad must keep in mind that German tanks and mechs might come rolling through after a Hungarian invasion or whatnot.  You must plan ahead and remember that killing minor Axis powers does nothing to help Moscow from falling.  Focus on the Germans and make their loss of IPCs to the other governments hurtful.  Be creative too. Taking out Finland, Romania, etc. now awards Russia an IPC stash and an industrial complex.  If the Germans are going all against you, don’t let the minor Axis intimidate you or fool you into petty fights that aren’t going to stop Germany.  Don’t take minor Axis threats more seriously than their little numbers and be prepared for any can-opener possible.

    If Hungary and Romania take Eastern Poland etc. as you mentioned, I would hope that Russia saw it coming and therefore prepared by not spreading all over even the second line of defense.  Should any German attack of fast movers get through, Russia must focus on the Germans, not the minor Axis who do not have the backing to take key areas.

    Instead of adding new Russian units, I would rather eliminate some Finnish and perhaps others.

  • A comment on my last post:

    Actually four German submarines can reach Sea Zone 106 to fight the Canadian destroyer and scrambling t bomber and Dutch cruiser.  Althought the Germans could send all these submarines to ensure Canada is useless for the first two turns, this diversion will have serious effects elsewhere (very likely saving some British ships).

    Getting back to the Eastern Front, I consulted with others about your worries of a Russian disadvantage, but the only change I was able to implement was the removal of the tank in Finland.  At least the Finns won’t be blitzing Karelia and Vyborg anymore.

  • Bulgaria was nerfed.

    Now, Bulgaria may never declare war on the Soviet Union unless attacked by the Russians, and Bulgaria will not collect NOs.  Also, the industrial complex on Bulgaria was removed since the territory is only worth one.  Just like Free France and Yuguslavia, Bulgaria may build units on its original territory without needing a factory.

    Canada was given a bonus one IPC on hand at the start of the game (8/7) to allow a destroyer purchase.

    I managed to get some more of your ideas implemented A&A1940:
    Romania and Finland’s NO’s were reduced.
    The factories on Hungary and Romania were demoted to minors to encourage bombing.
    Canada no longer needs Gibraltar for its NOs.

    Here is a FAQ about strange French scenarios that aren’t uncommon in this house rule setup:
    Q.  What happens if Germany takes Southern France (Vichy) turn one?
    A.  Vichy will continue to collect from its territories, but it will never get the chance to build.  Since all that stored up cash will eventually reach Free French hands, this is a bad move on Germany’s part.

    Q.  What happens if Free French troops in Normandy take Southern France (Vichy) turn one?
    A.  This is interesting.  Basically a civil war has broken out.  It will be opn to the Axis to “liberate” Southern France from the FFF so Vichy can have a factory to spend its IPCs on.  The “liberating” Axis forces will be obliged to remove themselves on the following turn.

    Q.  Is Southern France a capital for Vichy?
    A.  No.  In all cases where Southern France is seized by the Allies, Vichy will retain its money.  Only when one of the three requirements (stated in the ruleset) for making Vichy join the Free French is met at the end of Free France’s turn, then will Vichy’s IPCs be sacked (by Free France).

  • I noticed a problem: as the game goes on, the Commonwealth starts to have quite a few more troops at the front that Britain and even exceeds the UK’S income sometimes.  To remedy this exaggeration, 8 IPCs in NOs have been removed from Canada and South Africa and given to UK Europe.
    EDIT: The minor industrial complex on Ontario was restored.

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    unless it’s disrupting game balance, I’d suggest leaving it. History is one of the best parts of the game : )

  • This looks like a very fun setup.  Couple questions though.  Does Holland and Poland after liberation get to claim IPC’s from their capital and colonies?  Just wondering because Holland and Belgium for instance would all of a sudden be making as much cash as a major power.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that but just asking for clarification.

    ***Edited - i answered my own question while reading through the rules again.

  • @Charles:

    If you want to have the full experience, also use this neutral expansion ruleset along with the new powers:


    All playtests of this addition of 11 powers used these new neutral rules, and I definitely recommend you play these two house rules together.  It allows for fun things like South Africa invading Portuguese colonies, Bulgaria and Italy invading Turkey etc.

    We are currently working on implementing the 20-power ruleset for other Global setups.  If you would like to play this add-on in a Pacific/Europe solo game, I can post the theater rulesets on request.

    Charles De Gaulle, has your group worked on any other setups recently besides 20 powers in 1940?  I am formally putting in a request (or fan vote) for 1936 with with 20 powers.  Maybe some of the smaller countries that weren’t conquered by Germany yet could act as pro-allied neutrals.  I just think 20 powers would work well from an early starting point.  More variables to “rewrite” history to some extent.  Anyways thanks for your efforts.

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