• Considering trying a house rule called ‘Encirclement’. The military and historical precedents are numerous where units, division, or entire armies were encircled and forced to capitulate (Bastogne aside).

    The crux of the rules is as follows: If a territory is attacked from three or more adjacent land territories and there is no “retreat” available (I know defenders cannot retreat, but this rule will use the core of the retreat rules), then all defenders defend at 1 less than normal (Infantry on a 1, Tanks on a 2, Fighters on a 3, etc).

    Rationale: Turtling is too common, unrealistic, and too gamey and gimmicky. I’m tired of the “bowling ball” strategies where you move your entire army en masse towards your eventual destination ignoring all adjacent zones.

    What are thoughts an opinions on the impact of this rule, as well as modifications to the rule to improve it?

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    You need to move (or a moderator will) move your discussion to the HR forum.

    Its a lot like how combat in Fortress America works with d8, d10 (1 push/retreat 2-5 miss 6+ hit)

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