• Another question that we’re not sure on…

    So we do ‘Dick’ moves where, we move a Destroyer into a Sea Zone containing enemy ships before we’re at war. So on that players turn, they have to engage the single ship and are unable to move their ships elsewhere. This is legal, correct? (Friendly neighboring land zone/island makes the move possible).

    Also - the Med. Can the UKE on Turn 1 take Greek Islands/Greece? Or even Yugoslavia? using transport + inf

    Also - France has fallen on Germany 1 - does that automatically make Italy at war with the Allies on their first turn? Or can the Italians choose not to go to war with the UK until later, though the UK can DOW them on UK Turn 2?

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    1.  The ships are neutral until you activate the territory, then they become yours.

    2. Yes

    3. Yes they are at war with UK. You be hurtin if you don’t attack UK on Italy turn 1. If you play it right you can push the UK navy right out of the Med.

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