• Is there a reason why Brazil, Liberia, Yugo, Greece, and Persia are all the same shade of green?  Are they pro allied or something else?

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    When I got the global pack, Brazil was in a separate clear bag and the others, I believe, were in a pro allies bag, but I’m not sure why they were all green. A lot of the neutral countries were white, and then he had the axis colors a different color. I guess he was trying somehow to distinguish the three, and then a course the rest the figures were from the global 40 game.

  • The color choices were poor in my opinon. The green for pro allied neutrals is distracting and loud compared to its grey and white neutral counterparts.

    If ever a new edition of this map is made I would much rather the neutrals be similar colors, and beneath the territory name it indicate their leaning, and perhaps some minor rules there too.

    For instance
    Brazil might say

    Brazil (Neutral)
    (Pro-Allies after US is at war)

    While Mongolia might say
    Mongolia (Neutral)
    (Pro-Soviet if Japan Attacks USSR)

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