New method for builds and placement for 2nd edition:

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    An IC’s Industrial Capacity limits the number of units of each type that an IC may produce. The Industrial Capacity is 30 for all major capital territories (Russia, Germany, Eastern US, Japan, UK) plus the Western US and Southern Europe (Italy). All other ICs (in the USSR, the UK Commonwealth allies, Spain, and Turkey) have an Industrial Capacity of 12. Captured ICs all have an Industrial Capacity of 6.
      Industrial capacity applies only to the construction of NEW units; Industrial Capacity does not limit the repair of battleships.
    Examples of the four types of units are:

    Type 1: Infantry (US Marines, Guards, Mechanized)
    Type 2: Armor (Artillery, AA guns, Heavy Armor, Panzer S.S., Heavy Artillery, and V-2 Rockets)
    Type 3: Air (Fighters, Torpedo/Dive Bombers, Bombers, Jet Fighters, Heavy Bombers)
    Type 4: Naval (Battleships, Carriers, Light Carriers, Battlecruisers, Cruisers, Destroyers, Submarines, Transports, Super U-Boats)


    Russia, Germany, Southern Europe, Eastern US, Western US, Japan, UK
    These territories each have an Industrial Capacity of 30. No more than 30 IP may be spent on each TYPE of unit to be placed in one of these territories. For instance, Russia may build up to 10 Infantry (30 IP), 6 Armor (30 IP), and 2 bombers (30 IP) in one turn, provided enough IP is available. Additional Type 1, 2, and 3 units could NOT be built, because this would exceed the Industrial Capacity of 30.

    Karelia, Caucasus, Eastern Canada, India, Australia, Spain, and Turkey
    These territories each have an Industrial Capacity of 12. No units with a higher cost than 12 IP may be built here.

  • I think you meant to post this in “Revised”

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    This is what i do in 2nd edition. i can make up something for revised, but the general idea is to not have all of the sudden in one area you build 10 tanks and encourages more realistic deployment based on historical abilities.

  • OK, I guess it was the Spain thing that REALLY threw me off since Spain is neutral.

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    I allow for neutrals in 2nd. in fact i give them a few pieces because i dont like the allies just paying 3 dollars and landing a load of me
    in Spain just to get a cheap ride into france. Ill post a few more things that make more sence…

    Neutral countries are inactive until war is declared on them. Once a country declares war on a neutral, the country may attack and enter the airspace of the neutral country. Only Axis nations and Russia can attack neutrals. However, Russia can only attack bordering neutrals. There is no IP penalty for declarations of war. Place 3 infantry units from the opposing player whose capital is closest to the neutral country. However, Spain or Turkey receive the following units:

    5 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 armor, 1 fighter, 1 destroyer, and 1 IC.

    The opposing player controls undefeated neutral countries and also receives their IP value. All neutrals have an IP value of one when they are controlled or conquered by a major power, except Spain and Turkey, which have a value of three.

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