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    Germany free to blitz 4+ IPCs in Africa

    Yes aggree, but another thing is the UK player builds a Factory in South Afrika and India, so how that German axis thing in afrika  countered in your opinion?

    UK is building this because as he says… “the sea zones are now cut up in a way that slows the transport actions in the atlantic to and from UK and Afrika”

  • The way that Morris plays, there are 2 easy ways to counter his complex build:

    1. Start with invading Egypt with 2 tanks 2 inf and airforce, etc. You should have 2 tanks leftover. On turn 2, blitz down to Rhodesia, and send about 4 planes down south. On turn 3, attack his complex with 2 tanks + 4 fighters. He only has 3 infantry there. Thanks for the complex! Normally, I wouldn’t invade Egypt with 2 tanks because usually the UK counterattacks Egypt immediately, but Morris doesn’t abandon India so I’d abuse it. You can very safely assume that he isn’t abandoning India because he stacks 5 Russian infantry in Persia on round 1. You might be scared to send so many fighters down there, but don’t be. Russia is hardly in a position to apply good pressure with so many inf sent down to Persia, and the UK certainly doesn’t have the transports nor the men to drop on you for the first many turns. Once you tag the complex down there Africa is yours for sure.

    2. On Germany’s second turn, build 5 transports. There’s no way he will build any units at either of his complexes. This gives you a free turn for both Germany and Japan to advance upon those complexes. You might cry “but wouldn’t that leave Germany weak?” but it really doesn’t. The pressure that Morris applies to Germany is too small, so you can safely do a full naval build on G2 to throw a huge wrench into the works.

    Also, Morris’s build can allow the Germans to have a ton of naval control. Start with a carrier, then on turn 2 move out to SZ7 or so. Suddenly the UK’s navy is in big danger and I doubt that the US has enough defense in the waters to matter even if they linked in SZ8, since the US spent 15 bucks on a complex in Sinkiang.

    Don’t get me wrong - Morris’s strategy works fine against perhaps medium and beginner players. I beat my friends doing a dual complex buy way in the past.

    The way that I contest Africa is this:

    1. Counterattack Egypt with 2 inf from India, 1 from Trans-Jordan, + fighter from India on turn 1.
    2. Sometimes you’ll be able to counterattack Egypt yet again on turn 2 with 3 infantry (pick 1 up from Rhodesia + Persia, and 1 from Trans-Jordan again and fighter) if your transport is alive. If not, doesn’t really matter. On turn 2 I land in Algeria with about 3 inf 1 art 2 tank from the UK, and 2 inf 1 art 1 tank from the US. That should be enough to chase the Germans down who are only dropping 1inf 1 art each time.

    Also I like to apply nearly 100% of the UK’s income towards dropping stuff into Europe. Morris uses 50% of his income merely to defend his income (2 inf in Africa + 3 inf in India = 15 IPCs spent towards zero offense. Is it worth the IPCs he spends?). There are a lot of IPCs to be gained in Europe if you look into it, plus it directly threatens the Germans.

    Don’t get me wrong - the Allies must contest Africa, but I feel you can do it adequately already from a turn 1 counterattack into Egypt + a turn 2 drop into Algeria. Building the complex way down there does work, but I feel it is inefficient. The complex itself is 15 IPCs that can’t be used towards attacking Germany, and the units you build there are only going to be used to contest 1-2 IPCs of territory every turn.

  • I as Russia only send the units east of russia and caucasus on the first turn to asia the rest to concentrate on germany

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