• I look at other post for the answer to rockets, but was not clear. Can you attack one IC with multiple AA gun form separate territories. (Example) Germany buys 2AA(built in Germany & SE) moved original AA to EE and Balkans so 2AA are in range of Moscow and Caucasus. Do I get 2 dices (2-12) for Moscow and two dice for Caucasus or just one die for Moscow and Caucasus. The other 2 AA need to shoot at the UK(UK and India if IC is built) I sorry to ask this question again, but I need it clarification. I’m new to the AA revised version and will be playing next week. I wanted to do a economic war to weaken Russia and UK using rockets instead of HB.  Thank you for your time.


  • Only one territory containing an IC may be attacked per turn by rockets. So the three AA guns germany starts off with is all you’ll need to attack caucus, russia, and UK.

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