• Ok…  I am fully confused on this whole Global thing.  My friend and I have played Global using the rulebooks he got in his Europe/Pacific 1940 sets (first edition I believe).  Now there is apparently a Europe/Pacific 1940 second edition?

    And, how do these rules compare to the Global 1940 Alpha +3 and G42 sets of rules?

    I am just confused about what set of rules we should be using…

  • Use the Europe & Pacific 2nd edition rules and setup, all the Alpha+ rules were meant to be play test projects that eventually resulted in a final draft called 2nd edition. The A&A Europe 1940 2nd edition, and A&A Pacific 1940 2nd edition rule books are available for download here….

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    … and the setups can be found here.

  • Thanks. So, the Alpha rules were basically beta tests for 2nd edition. Got it.

    And the G42 is basically just tournament rules to make it play faster?

    Anyone know where I could find a PDF of 1st Edition?  My friend owns that version and occasionally wants to play it. I would like to read over the rules a few times to make sure I get the nuisances.

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    As for G42 it is geared toward tournament play, but it could be used as a way to teach Global more quickly. I like the idea of having nations like France having a role in WWII, but G42 short cuts much of the tedious wait because all the players are at war. It is a quickened version of G40, but it’s also a good alternative for players who need a shorter game session but like the complexity of Global.

    I haven’t tried a F2F game yet but I would have an easier time getting a session in with the 42 set-up than Global. I also think G42 may pick up steam if it’s supported by the A&A community by and large due to the fact that we had five releases of the series less than than two years ago and won’t likey get another unless a second edition of 1914 is released.

    Check out the set-up and if you like it show your support.

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