• 1.Do submarines have two strikes (surprise strike + regular attack after that)  or it depends on situation (is there an enemy destroyer present or not) which one of those two they will have?
    So: Surprise strike + regular attack (enemy destroyer present or not)  OR  Surprise strike or regular attack (enemy destroyer present)

    2.Can a submarine attack other submarine and in which manner the battle is conducted? Does the attacking submarine have any kind of advantage or not?
    In this situation, are the surprise strikes simultaneous or attacker has the upper hand?
    Example of 1 on 1 submarine battle please. (Historically it never happened so…)

    3.Is there an option for submarine to choose target if there are several enemy ships engaged in battle with it?

    In general,the problem is that there is too much special rules that applies only for this type of navy unit, and frankly, it’s very confusing.

    Thanks in advance!

  • They get one strike per turn.

    If no destroyer is present then the “Surprise Strike” means if it hits the defender doesn’t get to return fire.

    If there is an enemy destroyer present, there is no “Surprise Strike”.  Just regular combat as normal.

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    Welcome, Boktze!

    1. As docfav7 said, subs fire only once per combat round.  If there are no enemy destroyers in the battle, they fire a Surprise Strike before other units.  If there are enemy destroyers in the battle, they fire along with all other units.

    2. Attacking and defending sub Surprise Strikes are simultaneous.  The only advantage that the attacker has is that he fires at a 2, while the defender fires at a 1.  Note, however, that any sub may submerge before any firing if there is no enemy destroyer present, so a defending sub may always submerge before the attacker can fire.  As a result, a sub can only attack another sub if the defender is willing to fight.

    3. No.

    These answers apply to both Alpha and OOB.

  • Thanks guys. Fast and accurate answers. This helps a lot.

    Cheers! 🙂

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