The man in the Iron Mask died today in 1703.

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    On the 19th November 1703 a prisoner, whose identity was hidden by a mask he wore, died in the Bastille in Paris. He had been a prisoner for 34 years. Before the Bastille, he had been sent to the prison at Pignerol by one of Louis  XIV’s ministers, with the instructions: “It is of extreme importance that he be closely guarded and that he is unable to communicate by letter or any other means…He must be kept in a completely isolated place, so that his guards cannot hear him… And you will never listen to anything he wished to tell you.”
    To this day, despite tens of suggested possibile candidates, all who have been  refuted, we still are no nearer knowing who he was.

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    Definitely. You can see how easily it could be romanticised and turned into a film.

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