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Thoughts on a Japanese strategy?

  • @otahere34 said in Thoughts on a Japanese strategy?:

    I have a house rule that aircraft on carriers can launch after the carrier makes its movement, cause in real life, if there were carriers in Japan with planes, the planes didn’t take off and attack midway from there, they took off once the carriers got to midway.

    @JayDavis said in Thoughts on a Japanese strategy?:

    I have a house rule, when I play the US, I get the Nimitz in 1941.

    @Peck said in Thoughts on a Japanese strategy?:

    I have a house rule too. German infantry can cross the English channel without a transport because in real life people can swim across too.

    This house ruling is fun!

    I have a house rule too.

    Obviously it’s only the French, aka Frogs, who can swim over the English Channel. It’s called frog suit. Obviously.

    But that is not my house rule.

    My house rule partly reflects the installment of the Vichy government, partly builds on French swimming technology being adapted by the Germans, partly includes primitive rocket science and partly simply because Germans are sauerkraut.

    With my house rule the Germans can bounce over the English Channel. In fact, they can bounce over most of the annoying obstacles, like Gibraltar, Sahara, Himalayas and the Atlantic. They can even bounce behind enemy lines, if need be.

    More or less becoming similar to flying Tribbles.

    That is my house rule.

    I think the game would be more balanced that way and more fun.

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