• Occasionally in our multi player games when a lucky stud of a tactician plays japan or when the German player retards his advancement too much with repeated ill advised sealions it would be great to slow down the Japanese. Anyone have favorite American tactics for that?

    So far i have seen a US6 continual transport chain of units pumping from Alaska into Siberia, Russian national objective be damned for six units a turn worth of help.

    Also in the last game the united states chose to fortify a couple of their islands pre war. By putting four or six infantry and four fighters on a worthless island japans ability to spread its transport fleet around was hindered AND Japan never wants to dedicate the resources to killing them knstead of taking a juicy target.

  • The problem is that, in most of my games, a sealion has occured, which means the US has to spend mostly in the Atlantic to liberate the UK.

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