• If I draw Germany this weekend and depending on how the other players react I may give it a try
    Good luck and good gaming

  • Thanks SA, good luck. Keep in mind don’t ever be shy with Luftwaffe purchases. I am in turn 9 of a game with this approach and have bought at least one plane per round. Currently field 6 str B, 4 tact, 5 fight total between my two fronts. Always try to shield your planes with sub/dd and continuously contest key water ways. By turn 5-7 the combined us-UK forces will be to powerful to attack most likely. Strafing is always helpful in these situations also, utilizing enough subs to cover counter shots to ensure no loss of aircraft. Let me know how it goes for u!

  • Planes can be devastating I like to bomb England starting on G2 Harbor, Air base, and Factory or turn them loose in the Med to clean out the U.K.
    I miss the Air base that used to be in Gibraltar
    I’ve been banned from Germany the last 2 weekends, because it didn’t matter if I Drew from the cup first or last it seemed like that I would get Germany like 6 out of 10, one time I drew Japan 9 times in 9 weekends, then I drew U.K and didn’t know what the ____ to do at first
    Tanks again

  • Sweet, how many players do you guys have I your weekly games? All in person?

  • Four plus myself on regular occasions and up to five others when I can get them all organized, there are 2 newbs I’m going to recruit one has checked it out and has sat in as Italy twice and will be here Sat…hes hooked he has bought 2 small boards and the 41 The other has moved to the area from out by Buffalo
    What will I do when I move South…create new groups

  • Nice, I live in Phoenix area, have 2 others who play but we are looking for more. I am from upstate NY originally, we used to have great games of old versions back there!

  • @snake11eyes:

    Rememer that as Germany you want to take Novgorod as fast as you can after dow on Russia as it gives you the economic edge especially if the Russian player scoops up middle east territories, you should be in a position that you never have to withdraw and lose ground.

    Germany can to good effect make use of a 3-4 TT purchased on G2 along with the remaining going towards Arm/Mech in Berlin to support an attack on Novgorod.  Particularly if G1 consisted of a CV, DD and SS.

    The Russians will probably not scramble to prevent a CR and SS from being sunk, and it clears the way to land 5 Inf, 5 Art on Novgorod the same round that the Armor and Mech arrive.  If the Russians retreat out of there, you now have a ferry to move more units back and forth than the 3 you can produce in Novgorod.

    All in all, I think the G2 purchase of 4 TT is almost mandatory because there will always be a threat that Germany purchases 5 more TT and challenges for London at a moment’s notice.

  • Then pray that the allies dont feel like sending bombers on those transports.

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