• Hey everyone I’m a pretty experienced player but I wanted to converse with the experts. I have a half thought out strategy. I was recently playing the axis player and was using the J1 strategy. And I was thinking what if Germany does the same thing as a J1 attack. And attacks America(Because they will be in the war by their turn anyways) and also attacks Russia turn one. Germany can use one of its subs to attack the Atlantic American fleet(Cruiser, transport) that way if it wins it can also convoy and take away some ipc. Also it invades Russia to diminish their ipc early in the game creating less resistance on your way and conquer of Russia. I don’t know if this has already been suggested. Let me know what y’all think.

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    You should have a look at games where there has been a G1 DOW. That’s a hard road for the Axis, in spite of the low numbers of troops for USSR, Germany also has a very low number of troops and is forced to invest in expensive mechanised units to get into USSR on time. Generally also means thinning down the G1 France attack which makes higher risks and more casualties.

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    To give more detail, the Axis are normally stopped by UK building planes in Persia and flying them up to Moscow, probably with some additional planes out of India. If this isn’t done, Axis victory normally follows.

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    @Alpha-Admiral Germany goes before Japan, so if you attack USA with germany, the benefits of waiting with Japan (low US income) are a bit scrambled. Also, you may not be able to kill the entire UK fleet without sacrificing the precious German battleship if you divert subs to other objectives.

    The diplomatic rules in Global 40 give you precious time and space for the Axis to play and cavort all over the UK, France and China. You need to sacrifice that advantage at a maximum cost to the Allies.

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