Question on Larry’s latest possible changes to Alpha Plus.1\.

  • On rule number 10.  “The United States may declare war on the Axis if London or any territory in North America is captured by an Axis power.”  Does this also include a) Scotland, b) Erie, or c) Iceland?  Neither of these territories are included in the description (they are not in North America and they are not London, United Kindom) however I was wondering if they should be included.

  • They are not currently included

  • Thanks Calvin, as always you’re right there with answers.  I really appreciate you.  I disagree with your politics but I appreciate your fast and accurate responses.

  • Customizer

    I have a question about rule #10.  If London or any territory in North America is captured, it says the US may declare war on the Axis.  My question is, shouldn’t this be “the European Axis”?  Or does this also include Japan?  Odds are that Japan will likely have nothing to do with the capture of London.

    Also, if it is ALL AXIS, does this eliminate Japan’s NO where they get 10 IPCs for each turn they are not at war with the US, UK, ANZAC or Russia and do not enter French Indo-China.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Good question KNP, and is this declaration made on America’s turn?  Or immediately?

    Hence if Germany takes London, Japan can’t get the N.O.

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    It includes all Axis powers.  The US may declare war in the Combat Move phase of its next turn, voiding Japan’s NO at that time.  By the way, the Japanese NO does not include the USSR.

  • Customizer

    Thanks for the answer.  This is an interesting NO as it doesn’t rely totally on Japan’s actions.  Most of the NOs generally rely on that particular country’s actions (capturing and/or controlling certain territories, Italy clearing the Med of Allied warships, etc.) yet Japan could lose this NO through no action of it’s own.  If Germany takes London and the US declares war on ALL Axis, then you could say that Germany cost Japan 10 IPCs per round.  Although, technically, the US COULD just declare war on Germany and not on Japan, thereby Japan could still receive that NO for not being at war with the Western Allies.  By the way, thanks for clearing up that Russia was not included in this NO.  I guess that is because they have their own separate NO for the Non-Aggression Pact violation.

    If India or ANZAC decide to attack Japanese forces or move units into China, that also voids the “Japan not at war” NO, right?  Funny, I always thought this NO depended entirely on Japan NOT declaring war on anybody, as sort of a hedge against Japan’s expansionism.  I didn’t realize that it could also be voided by any of the other powers attacking Japan.

  • no.

    “Collect 10 IPCs each turn that Japan is not at war with the United States and has not invaded French Indo-China or made an unprovoked declaration of war against United Kingdom/ANZAC.
    When Japan becomes at War with the Soviet Union.”

    It wouldn’t be unprovoked.

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