Do u have 2 take control of a territory once u defeated all defending units ?

  • This is a basic question and probably been answered before but I don’t know where to find it.  The instructions stat that “If you win combat as the attacker in a territory and you have one or more surviving land units there, you take control of it.”  My question is, do you have to?  Can you destroy all defending units then retreat back to a territory you came from even though you have defeated all the defending units?  Or, do you now have to take the territory?

    Reasoning; I would like to take Germany into Normandy to take out the French units so Italy can just blitz its tank on I1 from Northern Italy and then take control of it.  Or course this is all during G1 in the same turn while the Germans are talking France and South France.

  • You have to take it.

  • I thought so, just wanted to confirm…… thanx Calvin…

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    To put it another way, once the battle is over, you no longer have the option of retreating.

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