Favourite part of Global as opposed to the "theater" games

  • I’m curious what people feel are their favorite changes to the new ‘40’ games once you combine them into the global version. 
    My favourite power to play in Global is the UK (even though I’m just finaly getting a chance to play them) because with the entire map to play with.  I’m not entirely constrained to play with just the origional set-up and even the split income isn’t hampering me.  Almost as much as Germany or Japan (or more so, depending on your point of view) the UK can set the emphasis of the war by moving it’s large navy and airforce around as it sees fit.  In our Multi game now I’m shifting the bulk of the UK navy to the pacific to make life dificult for Japan, and bringing in a few planes from India to stress out Italy.  With the south african and Indian factories so close together I can buy some cheaper mech/transports for the middle east and some more expensive capital ships for the pacific as needed.  The flexibility of the UK really starts to shine when the two boards are combined into the Global game and you can’t get anything close to that with just one theater.

  • Russia is pretty useful in both theaters as well.  Land units of course.  Rather fun to get the mech inf and tanks into China or even India.

  • Definitely using India in Africa - finally, the british empire feels like the global empire it was! 🙂

    Also, getting to reverse the ludicrous decision to base the repulse and prince of wales in singapore.

  • Limitless possible opening moves for the all of the countries except for france…… they just get B.O.H.I.C.A. 🙂

  • Seeing the crazy one off tactics that Axis players come up with to force stalemates.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    German Naval and Air Power, and being able to CHOOSE when to start the war.

  • 2020 '18 '16 '13 '12

    In a limited number of games, sealion is my favorite so far. And the fact that it doesn’t necessarily win you the game.

    Also, the fact that Japan can’t come over Asia to take out Russia.

  • Extra UK pressure on Japan early on is surprising and game changing.  If the uk can hold onto money islands and hold the line on the ground then UK pacific can shift back to fight in Europe once japan has to focus on the US and anzac

  • I like most that the game is not as statical as the older world-versions. You have quite a lot of possibilities now.

    Furthermore convoys, harbors and airports are nice supplements.

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