• When is the earliest that Russia can assault pro-Axis Iraq? Playing Alpha +3 and it looks like Russia cannot declare war on a European Axis power until turn 4 (presumably meaning that they can attack on turn 4) or until a European Axis power declares against them first. However, Iraq isn’t an Axis power, it’s just pro-Axis. So does  it stand to reason that the Tank and Mech in Stalingrad can blitz south on turn 1 then, on turn 2, activate Persia (for free troops) and then attack Iraq on the same turn (being the blitz again)??

    Cheers, guys.

  • Russia cannot activate any pro-allies country, or attack any pro-axis country until they are at war with Germany/ Italy. Also you cannot blitz through pro-allies countries that have not been activated, for instance Russia cannot blitz through Northwest Persia to get to Persia in one turn

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    Not technically true, if he is playing with the box rules as they stood when the game was released.

    If Russia declares war on Japan on round 1-3 they may annex pro allied neutrals on the Europe board as well since they are “at war.”  They may not attack Axis or Pro-Axis territories until they are at war.

    In, I believe, ALL of the Alpha rules and definitely in the 2nd Edition rules as released by Wizards of the Coast, Russia may not attack any neutral or axis territory on the Europe map until at war with Germany and/or Italy.

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    The rules are the same on this point in both editions.  See the Official Europe & Global Rules Clarifications.

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