I have a Question About UK in the original Global 1940

  • I was playing Global with a few buddies of mine and Germany pulled of a successful Operation Sea lion and several questions came up that the book did not seem to clearly answer. The first Question is since India is still standing, does the rest of the remaining territories that were once under UK Europe control (like Africa and Canada) automatically go under Uk Pacific IPC points. Also Can the UK pacific place industrial complexes on UK Europe side of things and spawn troops for example in  Canada. Replies would Greatly Help

  • TripleA

    India does not get extra money for uk dieing. India only does pacific stuff. It can buy units on the pacific side and then move it to Europe.

    Losing london is like losing any other capital.

  • ya thats what i thought but the allies thought different

  • Official Q&A

    If by “original” Global 1940 you mean 1st edition, the 1st edition Europe and Pacific FAQs should answer your questions.

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