• I am getting ready to play a big game soon and we were all thinking strategy for each countries. We were looking for a picture that has the global 1940 2nd edition starting setup on it. Does anyone know where I can get a picture to share with my group that shows how each country starts.

  • Why cant you just use the setup cards/rule book?

  • I want a visual of the board at the beginning of the game so each player can start thinking possible strategy. I have the rulebook and set up cards that doesnt help unless you can mental envision the whole board set up.

    I ask again, does anyone know where you can find a picture of the board set up? I have found the board with no pieces

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    If no such photo already exists, the fall-back solution would be to set up the board yourself and take the photograph that you require.  This would have the advantage of letting you take the picture in exactly the way you want.  (You may want to take it in two or more sections, since a whole-map single photo would make the units on the board look too small to be practical.) I’d recommend laying the map board on the floor for the purpose of taking the picture, so that you can get a shot from directly (or almost directly) overhead.  Photographing the map on a table while you’re standing on the floor would make the map look like a rhomboid rather than a rectangle because you’d be shooting at an angle.

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    Download TripleA or ABattlemap and the G40 2nd edition module.

    I think is the address

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    I read through some of your posts. You seem to have a lot of questions. We’re happy to help, but I have to ask what materials you have for AAG40?

    Do you have the actual game to reference or are you part of a group and there’s only one copy you guys are sharing?

    One answer that might help is that the second edition of Axis&Allies Global 1940 has the most up to date official rules set. The alphas were for the first editions.

    If you have the manual you will want to read the rules very carefully and thoroughly.  Its easy to miss things in this edition.

    As for a picture I don’t know of one available that will suit your needs. Even if there was one, because the game is so large your avaerage sheet of paper is too small to see enough detail to use as a handout most likely. CWOMarc’s suggestion of taking a picture would be your best bet.

    I hope this helps.

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