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    I’m having a hard time getting my buddies to join me playing Axis and Allies on this site with play by forum, using ABattlemap.

    On different occasions, my friends have a hard time downloading the files/correct files, and getting them going on their computers.

    I have had them try to download the ABattlemap files from the first post of the ABattlemap stickied thread in the AA50 forums.  It sends them to Holkann’s mediafire site or whatever.

    My question is, can’t we just have one clear place to go download ABattlemap and the applicable modules?  It needs to be more user-friendly.  I have a hard time helping my friends when I can’t be at their computer helping them.  Their not IT professionals, but they’re not computer illiterate or anything.

    Or is there already a download location that I don’t know about?

    What’s the easiest way to download ABattlemap and get to playing??!!


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    If I remember, Holkann’s downloads come zipped. Are they having problems unzipping them ?  If your friends are close by you can simply put all your modules on a flash stick and let them copy them.

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    Thanks, maxo
    No, unzipping is no problem.  One of them can’t even get the download going.

    The other one, we finally got it working, but I’m not sure what combination of maneuvers finally got the job done.

    No, they’re not close by, otherwise I would do it for them myself.

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