• Ok guys! I need help here.

    I have lookes at this thread i.e. (damn, not allowed to post the link)  intalled the software but 1st: I don’t find the AA50 map anywhere, 2nd : I can’t figure out how to play with other people… Is there anybody want to take the time to give me a step by step tutorial… I’m not really good with computer but I think I could be an interesting AA opponent (played a lot on physical boards :original, revised and now AA50)

    machine = Windows Vista



  • Did you install it using Holkann’s Installer? If so, you will find the map in the top left toolbar

    1. Open your ABattlemap program
    2. Click on “New” at the upper left of the top toolbar and a menu should drop down
    3. Look for one of these titles “Axis & Allies 50th Anniversary Edition '41” or “Axis & Allies 50th Anniversary Edition '42”
    4. It will open the map for each scenario and it keeps track of what you do.

    The best advice is to find someone or a few someones to play some games with you and walk you through it. I started palying on here in January and absolutely love it! I am just starting to learn how to play Global…which is another download into your ABattlemap program.

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