Sgt. Wonko's & TMTM's 1940 Global Module for ABattlemap

  • OK. So, I have downloaded a free .rar un-.rar-er, un-.rar’ed the file, and opened ABattlemap. It. Doesn’t. Work. First time I tried, it wouldn’t let me scroll (how do you scroll again? Just want to make sure I’m not stupid), and the second time when I selecteda unit, wherever I moved my mouse it would place those units. And not so a territory ends up with 1000 fighters, just so that there are fighters all over the screen.

    I will try again, butif this doesn’t work can someone SEND me (PM me for email) their un-.rar’ed TMTM Global 1940 module? Thanks. PS make it Alpha+3.9 version. Thanks.

  • OK. Now the map doesn’t open even when I click the mod. Everything else does.

    Will try again later but could someone send me this file later maybe?

  • OK. More troubles for me!

    The module worked the first time, but after that the map hasn’t opened (but the toolbars have). Anyone know what the problem is or what to try?

  • Can someone please PM me for my email? I’d like just simply the map file as it is the one malfunctioning/being a pain in the butt.

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    I’m having trouble finding the 3.9 module (if it exists), would someone care to link it to me?  Thanks!

  • There is no 3.9 module. TMTM said that it was simply too much work to move a couple ships. Just change the “start” file…

  • The Alpha Project is DONE- proof:

    So maybe you guys can update the NOs and setup on the A3map???

  • @questioneer:

    The Alpha Project is DONE- proof:

    So maybe you guys can update the NOs and setup on the A3map???

    I don’t have the time to comb through it all and know what needs removed or added… I can adjust the module… if you give me a list of things you want changed on the module.

  • Ok great,

    Us players can make the setup file- actually we all already have one.  As for the changes in the module- they are pretty simple- this is confirmed to be the 2nd edition to be out this fall- via Larry.  So here they are:

    National Objective changes

    1. USSR- Communism NatObj now has changed to:

    “3 IPCs for each original German, Italian, or pro-Axis neutral territory that the Soviet Union controls.”

    Which means that these territories are NOT included anymore:

    Eire, Crete, Turkey, Sweden, Greece, Yugo, Switzerland, Spain, or Portugal as they are NOT ORIGINAL Pro-Axis territories.  These spaces need to be negated now.

    2. USA- invasion of France Nat Obj now reads:

    “5 IPCs for each turn that the US has at least one land unit in the territory of France.”

    NOT Normandy as before and it is every turn- NOT a one time payment as before.

    That is all- FINALLY.  Let us know please when you finished updating the mod with these changes.  Thanks. :-D

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    Darn, was hopin it was already done!  Hey, we gotta be first out the door, we don’t want that icky TripleA game showing us up!  We’re Abattlemap!  We’re the best!  (wink)

    Let me know if you need anything other than me sitting down to deal with the 2nd edition rules, to help out.  I need to print them out and read them - one day.

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