How does AA 50 map compare to the Revised Edition?

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    How does AA 50 map compare to the Revised Edition?  I’ve seen the map and it is quite big and seems like it will take much longer to play.

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    I haven’t received any replies yet.  Perhaps I need to be more specific.

    I’ve seen the AA 50 map but have not played it yet.  I was curios as to how it compares to the 2004 Revised Edition.

    Do you find the game play overall more interesting?
    Is it harder or easier?
    Does it take longer?
    Is it an improvement over AA 2004?


  • It definitely takes longer to play. While the Axis usually does a lot of expanding in the first few turns of revised, its even more so in 1941. People tend to build ships more, especially in the Pacific and Mediterainian. The Mediterainian and North Africa are more contested than ever, with a nation (Italy) dedicated to that theater. Germany, by the same token, isn’t quite as much a behemoth as before, although its still very central. Also the Norway invasion tactic of revised is a bit more difficult and easy to repel than before, especially if Germany takes Karelia. Eastern Europe is a bit more dynamic with even more teritories than revised.

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    Thanks for the info Trails

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    Tralis hit some of the highlights, but there are several more.

    You can’t invade Western Canada from Japan in one move - it’s 3 spaces now.  It’s also 3 spaces from Hawaii to Japan, not 2.

    Of course, China is greatly expanded, and Eastern Russia is expanded as well, so there is not the Jap rush to Moscow that there was in Revised.  There are actually other things for Japan to think about.

    This game blows Revised out of the water (with a 20" BB gun).  Get it - now.  😉

    Better yet - just play it for free on this site, with various friendly opponents.

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    I mentioned on the other thread that I think the actual game-play of AA50 is likely to be shorter than Revised (and is shorter, in my experience) because there is less chance of stalemate.  If it takes longer in F2F play, that might have to do with setting it up and explaining the rules etc.

    Basically it’s a superior game.  If you like A&A, you will love Anniversary.  It’s bigger and better.

    The only beef some have is that playing with national objectives make for a limited amount of viable strategies….however most also agree that the same national objectives are what make for fun, brisk, historical game-play.

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    Right on!  AA50 rocks!
    Could be improved, but it’s the best we have so far.

  • Just a few more days until AAP40.

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    Speaking of which, anybody heard when we’ll have it on ABattlemap?

    I could buy it, but it wouldn’t do much good, since I have no one to play it with anyway.
    I use my AA50 game for one of my PBF’s…  (no F2F)

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    Thanks for all the input.  Much appreciated.

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