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Bigger map options?

  • I love this game and play it weekly, but would love to see a larger scaled version of this map so pieces actually fit on it comfortably (ideally large enough to have A&A minis used… especially the War at Sea minis).  What options are out there?  Is there a high resolution downloadable map of this that I can take to a printer and have it made?  Is there an aftermarket map already on sale out there?  Does anyone have the ability to do this for me and I need to contact them outside of this forum for copyright reasons?

    The only option I really have is to take digital pictures of the map and have the images printed and a collage done to make it bigger.  Alternately I guess I could take the pictures and digitally join them and then take them to a printer to have the larger map printed.

  • Imperious Leader made a REALLY nice large map.  I believe he has it posted on mediafire for download.  I don’t have the link though…

  • Thanks to his bump, I think I have my answer.

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