• I was thinking of a different ways of doing random casualty for any of the A&A games and excited about the new FMG Chinese and Italian dice I ordered and I thought would random casualty dice be cool? Like a d6’s or d12’s with images of infantry, artillery, and armor on it. Like you roll hits like normal then how many hits you got you roll that many casualty dice and what ever it lands on that’s the unit you lose. If you did D12 you could have infantry on maybe 5 sides, armor on 4 sides, and artillery on 3 sides. This way infantry would screen somewhat because you would roll them more. Artillery maybe the hardest to hit because they would be in the back of the lines. Maybe too if you roll a unit you don’t have it would also go to infantry. Like you have to roll the artillery and the armor to hit them. Example if you have 3 armor and 5 infantry and get 3 hits against them. Then you roll the casualty dice and roll 2 infantry and a artillery. The artillery hit would go to another infantry. Of course there would be more to work out exactly but, what do you think? Would a system like that be good?

  • This would work for Battleships or Artillery firing and rolling a one. If they do this, then roll that die and remove what was rolled. For the BB it would apply to every round that the other side didn’t have a BB. For Artillery it would apply to only the first round to make these units more viable.

  • I get what you’re saying but, I was trying to come up with a system of random casualties for the game in general. You’re idea for the ones for BB and Art. is cool though. If all the casualties where random and if the BB and Art rolls a one they can choose there target? I have always preferred random casualties but, never wanted to bog the game done that much with a complicated system. That’s why I thought maybe random casualty dice would be easy.

  • well here is what you can try. Get the dice from Attack! and when the unit rolls a hit, you then roll this dice to assign hits. Note that the icons on Attack! dice are only ground units, but they may have naval as well so go check it out and playtest.  I think you will quickly hate this luck thats added and it will make the game more risk-like.

  • See I personally liked in BOTB and Guadalcanal the random casualties. But I wouldn’t want to take their combat systems and put it into AA50. It’s not all pure luck. You would have units that screened like the infantry and destroyers that are hit more often than the more powerful units but, it would be possible to hit the more expensive units off the bat.

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