AARHE: Spending & Saving IPCs

  • This rule really kills the US presence in China from the get go on anything other than the 1939 map.  There is no way to trace money in or out and since China usually falls on the first turn the other 2 IPC can’t be spent and are lost.

    Is China to be treated special?

    Or does this highlight the fact that AARHE 4.0 shouldn’t really be played on the normal AAR map and requires a move to 1939 or Global War type map?

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    Well if your using the standard maps ( not 1939) we wanted China to be more independent. Secondly, we wanted to make less changes in those modules to control some of the tricks people may come up with as exploits, because as you know their is a huge difference in spaces between the enemies in both versions. Typically and unrealistically in AAR it become a ‘hive’ for setting up US forces in Asia, when historically American forces didn’t fight in China to the extent that they could be represented in the game ( except for the flying tigers). So China has less support by some of the rules. In 1939 more was possible and we can be a little more flexible because 1939 has so many new strategy.

  • yeah its the intentional
    the strategic situation is different between 39 and 42
    China was isolated from help due to losing coastal areas

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