Has anyone painted their pieces or know someone who has? Any pics..

  • I was just curious to know if anyone has painted or know someone who has painted their playing pieces for A&A Revised, Europe, Pacific, etc.  I just think it would be more enjoyable to the eyes to see planes, tanks and ships with their own countries colors.  Any pics please?

    I have always thought the pieces for each country should be a little different, like for e.g., Germany having a Panther and a Tiger and instead of having  the same infantry pose and color of uniform, change it up for each country.  One crouching, one throwing a grenade or one with a pistol.  Having the mustang in addition to the P38(not the prettiest looking plane by the way).  All in detailed color…but I know, I know.  Cha-ching!  Money…the price of the game would have to go up, not as many buyers. Still, that would be real cool.  😄

  • Imperious Leader has a website with tons of pics of well-painted A&A figs on it…. I’m sure he’ll pitch in soon with a link.


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    goto Denmark Axis and Allies club. They hold the worlds most prestigious tournaments and do AA right.

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    Link to the Denmark site.


    Click on Billedeer on the left it links to some galleries.

    And there is this thread at Harris Game Design with some nice stuff.


  • Thank you for your help everyone.  🙂

  • 😮
      Yes, my sons and I painted up two games worth of pieces of the classics set. And after looking at the Danish pieces, we did a much better job. We did get a few of those HO scale figures for specialty units, ( house rules) marines, mechanized infantry , artillary, and paratroops. But, I modified the bombers to trimotors for germans and twin engine for japan. Fingernail clippers work great for chopping off motors and trimming wing tips and tails. Don’t worrry about messing up, the Russians have exta that you can paint 😉.
      I even converted some transports to look like destroyers, ( the old DD ships). Each nationality has a different configuration.
    I also did a few mods on the tanks, but there wasn’t an easy way to make tem look exactly right, so I painted their battle flags over the top of the turrents. Same with the ships. I am really proud of how well we painted up the fighters though, the Japanese fighters with dab paint almost disapear in  FIC! All carrier planes have a light blue underbelly too.
    The infantry are mounted on pennys, and sand was glued over the bases and painted light or dark browns, then we glued on a few specks of moss. the edge of the penny was then painted to match the nationality color. The figures look great on top of a stack of chips! And  the penny keeps them upright, even after the table takes a heavy bump, ( that is why I put them on pennys).
      Again, we painted up several as specialty units, Guards ,SS, Airborne, etc…
    I know you requested pics, but I don’t have any closeups. So after I get done moving in the next couple of weeks I will shoot some and post them.
    I also glued two each of the 5 different nationality markers on pennys for the National Production chart. The chart itself I trimmed to fit the lower right corner of the gameboard and glued it on. The battle board, which rarely gets used, still floats around loose, but I did contemplate gluing to the inside of the top of the box, may yet.

    I have yet to purchase a revised edition game or any of the other AA games, though I have played them at tourneyments. I just don’t have the time to do all that painting right now. My boys have grown up and moved away, and my new wife keeps me busy with other things. Perhaps soon though I will bite the bullet and get myself the revised game.
        Now where did I store those paints? :roll:

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