• I read that for A&A Revised, you can land existing aircraft on a newly built aircraft carrier.  Is this true and if so, which phase would you do this in?  Do you move two planes to the sea zone where the aircraft carrier will be built during the non-combat phase?

    If this really can be done, how do we do this in TripleA?


  • You do it in noncombat for LHTR.  But for OOB/FAQ, you land your fighter in the territory where the industrial complex that will produce the carrier is.  During your mobilize units phase, you move fighters from the (land) territory to the sea territory.

    That is how you do it it in TripleA as well.  You land your fighters in, say, Western US, then you build your carrier in one of the two adjacent sea zones, then you move fighters on.  TripleA lets you choose if you want to move 0, 1, or 2 fighters on.

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    What I wish was that TripleA had NAs.

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    I agree, NAs add alot to the game to keep it from being the same game over and over.

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    I’ve always thought the dice did a great job of that.

    The dice love me. I love the dice.
    The dice hate me. I hate the dice.
    Dice the fickle little daughters of Lady Luck.

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    Pardon my ignorance, but what are NAs?

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    National Advantages. NA’s. They are optional rules in the OOB rule book that give a different ability to certain units or make an exception to certain rules depending on the country. I haven’t really played with them but it is said that they add some variety to the game.

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