Do you have your own A&A Revised game?

  • I just couldn’t stand the thought of NOT being able to put the pieces on the board and play it while I play all 5 countries…

  • Sadly I don’t own my own copy of the revised edition, I have the pacific edition though…

  • I do, and use it for every game I play (since I can’t use battlemaps, and at this point prefer having my board on the table behind me where I can see everythign at a glance… and even take a peak at the board on my way out the door in the morning to crunch numbers in my head while I drive 🙂

    A few additional notes…
    I received mine as a Christmas present in December after learning it existed when I joined these boards in November.  Until then, I had been purely a 2nd Ed player.  Since I have started playing Revised, I have played very few Classic games, and have not even attempted to play the Hasbro AI (would not be much fun with all that I have learned here)

  • 2007 AAR League

    I don’t have my own board… my friend’s copy is the one we use and only about 6 times in the summer when are friends are in town and 1 or 2 times with just me and him around Christmas.

    I do play the old version on the computer alot though.

  • Oh yea, I have all the sets.

    I still recall purchasing my first set in 1986.  The game box had the pictures of the original pieces (they looked metal).  Interestingly enough, India had an aircraft carrier with a transport and another vessal that looked like a destroyer.  There was also an anti-aircraft gun in India.

    The battle board showed AA shooting at a 3.

    At one point, my roommate and I had 6 sets of the original axis.  We also had just about every other game ever made.  Oh, we both ended up dropping out of college.  :roll:

  • I voted no but that was a mistake.  I do own it.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Thank God for people who love A&A

  • The board is a thousand times more fun than PC play.

    I have alot of painted pieces (nerd alert), and my friends and I always use my set because it’s so f’ing good to look at. Black German Armor and Fighters with Iron Crosses on the turrets, Japanese Battleships, Trannies, Fighters and Infantry painted. Holy crap.

    The flow of the game is so much better with the board as well. You can take it all in with one glance.

  • @88:

    The flow of the game is so much better with the board as well. You can take it all in with one glance.

    Now you know why I am not too upset about not being able to use Battlemaps 🙂

    I have my board set up on the table behind where I sit at the PC, and I can glance at it, fix the forces in my head, and run options all day long as I drive.

    All of it, easy to see… with no logging on or openning files.

  • 3 cats, an active 8 month old, and a wife who’d rather play D&D keeps me from doing the same thing, otherwise mine would be set up in blissful perpetuity as well…

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