Has anyone tried using the Revised board with global units?

  • I was thinking of combining the revised board with the newer units of recent Axis and Allies games. Just for the sake of fun, I wanted to use AA’s 42 optional rule for defense of strategic bombing and national advantages from  the tournament rules of the revised set. Has anyone tried this combination or modified the Revised game? If you have already tinkered with this,how did it go?

    Ps. I got the idea from a reply to one of my old posts.It wasnt till a disussion with a freind of mine that we wanted to see it in action.

  • I had another wacky idea. What if bombers could drop 1-2 infantry, each attack at a 2 in the vertical development. After the first round they go back to attacking and defending as normal infantry. This vertical development would be treated similar to how amphibious landings. I have stuggled with the earlier AA games lack of airborne infantry. I  could be biased, since I spent 4yrs with the 82nd Airborne. However, it would take a few games to see what changes need made. But, it could provide an incentive to revisit older games. Anyhow, let me know what you guys/ladies think.

  • I was thinking of using the tactical bomber as the airborne transport. This way the transport plane is identified as its own peice,and Germany maintains its Stuka national advantage. The goal of this experiment is to open up new strategies,while at the same time; providing a few new purchase options.

    Ps. I type this as new ideas enter my mind. Please bear with me,lol. If anything it will provide an interesting discussion.

  • Vertical envelopment would be the opening phase of a combined land/air battle. If any enemy planes are in the territory they get one round to neutralize the air transports. Anti aircraft may fire once,similar to strategic bombing. Cassalties will be removed before the land battle begins. Any air transports that are shot down lose the infantry aboard. The attacker may bring an escort of fighters, to provide  defense for the air transports. If the airtransports survive and drop its cargo, the airborne infantry begin their attack phase. After the opening fire phase of the airborne infantry,the attackers may bring in the second part of the land invasion. If the attacker wants to retreat or stop the attack, all land units(including the airborne infantry) must retreat together.  The airborne assualt must be decleared during the normal combat phase of the game. The airborne may also be used to reinforce during the non combat movement phase.

  • The combat would look something like this:

    1)combat move
      A) Declare an Airborne assualt/ with or without supporting land units

    2)Conduct combat Phase
    A) Opening antiaircraft fire: Remove any escort fighter/air transport(including air borne infantry loaded on transports)  that were hit by the anti aircraft guns
    B) Enemy aircraft in the territory being assualted may join the defense for 1 round(can only attack escort fighters/airtransport 
    3) Airborne Infantry attack phase
    A) Surviving Airborne Infantry attack at a 2 in the first round of combat
    B) Cassalties from the initail airborne assualt are removed
    4) The supported land forces may join the battle(on the second fireing round)
    A) Cassalties are removed as usual
    B) The attacker decides to keep attacking or retreat(surviving Airborne Infantry retreat with the supported land forces)

  • Great idea, since paratroopers went in at night, surprising the enemy!

  • I came up with the same idea awhile ago, and played it in a couple games. It was very useful because it made the game move along quicker, not having to move infantry one space at a time. I always thought that there should be an “elite infantry” unit who, when dropped by a bomber or when amphibious assualting, would attack on a 3.

  • Refer to page #38, optional rules, us marines, attack at a 2, first combat cycle!

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