Technology and National Advantage merge

  • One thing I liked about World At War was that you couldn’t all of a sudden get Rockets in one turn.  In WAW you have a progression.  Everyone starts at 0 for every technology.  To advance you pay $2 and roll a die.  If you roll a 1 then you move your counter to 1 on the technology sheet.  The next time you pay $2 and you need to get a 2 or less.  It progresses until you reach 5.  You can get technology immediately but its not nearly as easy and on average would cost a whole lot more.

    What I would like to change however is a blended national advantage and tech chart.  So you would have heavy tanks available for everbody but instead of starting at 0 for germany, she starts at a 3.  This way the german play can choose to progress that advantage or not.  I haven’t tried it but you could also make this vulnerable to SBR too.  Careful not to make it too easy to knock out tho.

    So you end up with a technology/nat advantage of lets say Long Range Bombers

    Long Range Bombers allows Bombers to move 8 spaces

    USSR starts at level 2
    Germany starts at level 3
    UK, Jap, and US start at 4

  • Territory specific advantages would be seperate from these advantages

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    We allready got this in AARHE… its funny how we basically reached similiar conclusions as Xeno because i dont like some of their ideas. Our concept is more accurate and i believe we have more variance of tech possible.

  • Do you have this posted somewhere already?

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    yes look under tekkys signiture… the link.

  • the AARHE tread is also stickied

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