• The rule in the commander expansion that you can only count one modifier gives the weird effect that in an area where the defender has an advantage: an attacking commander raises the attacker value but a defending commander doesn’t. This seems weird to me and makes me wonder of this really was the intention of the rule?

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    @sleipnersm38 Does your sentence contradict itself? Sorry, just wanted to make sure I understand. At one point you say “the defender has an advantage”, but then point out an example where “an attacking commander raises the attacker value but the defending commander doesn’t.”

    I guess that doesn’t really affect my answer. I think the point of the expansion would be to add those bonuses where you otherwise wouldn’t have them then. As in, you wouldn’t bother placing a commander on a mountain territory with mountain infantry in a defending situation. He’d have no effect there. That commander is better used in a non-special terrain territory to help boost your forces there.

    But I might not be understanding your question?

  • @Chris_Henry Sorry for the confusion. My point is that it is weird (to me) that the effect of the commander isn’t equal to defenders and attackers.

    • If there is combat in a place with mountain/city/fort the attacker can use a commander (and all that it is supposed to represent) to raise the quality of the attacker but the defender can’t do the same. I guess I think that 2 opposing commanders should level each other out.
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    @sleipnersm38 Yeah, I hear you. I think they’re just keeping it consistent with their rules throughout the base game, i.e. bonuses can’t stack. That’s already something they’ve done. For example, defenders/attackers of a city with a river don’t get bonuses/negatives to stack on each other. Same with river and mountain territories, etc.

    Just to clarify my example and yours too, a commander could help units on a mountain territory that were defending, but it would be non-mountain infantry units, since mountain infantry already have a +1 bonus. Regular infantry, militia, etc. could still benefit from that commander.

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