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    Championship: Italy vs. France

    3rd Place: Germany vs. Portugal

  • God damn the French.  Let’s go ITALY!!!

  • @Chengora:

    God damn the French.  Let’s go ITALY!!!

    I’ve heard that God WAS French…

    And since when have you been hanging out with IL?  Just kidding…  😄

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    Hey now! Im am not the only one who has common sense.

  • Well, it’s really because I wanted Brazil to win.  But, to be fair, France has been playing very well, and Brazil has been crap.  Why the heck would they change positioning before their first big match?  Crazy…  Anyway, should be a pretty match.  Both Italy and France are technically solid, although I’m putting my money on a 2-1 win by Italy.  Anyone else?

  • I, too, think Italy is the favorite.  The only goal against them is their ‘own goal’ against USA.  It’s too bad France can’t fight this well in wars.  LOL

  • lol  The damn Iti’s won!  Well I guess people will forget about soccer for the next 4 years.  Good ridance.  :lol:

  • Any ideas on what caused Zidane to head-butt Matarazzi?  I’ve heard either something extremely offensive was said, or the Italian tweaked Zidane’s nipple.

    But I’m glad Italy won, although their offense collapsed in the OT.

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    I missed the game, but saw that on the highlights.  That was unblievable though.

    Even if something was done to him first, in a game that big you have to bite your tongue, esp when you may be the best player on the field.

    I kind of laughed at it first, it was just so out in the open and such an  obvious penalty, I thought maybe I wasn’t aware of a new soccer rule or something.  😄

  • It’s a shame.  I mean, here’s Zidane, one of the greatest players in the world, and he’s going to spend the rest of his career and retirement being known as the guy who head-butted the Italian in his second World Cup final.  No matter what was said or done, Zidane just should have kept his cool.  I feel sorry for the guy.

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    Yeah, that is a shame.

    Maybe he was paid off by the Italians to throw the game.  😮

  • One thing I dislike about OT soccer games is the shootout at the end.  It seems very anticlimactic.  At least it’s a 5 player (+1 goalie) mini-game, but it seems so much like a “technical” win.

    I caught the headbutt as it happened - Zidane owned that Italian player (watch him in the review).  I can’t say that he was justified in doing something like that - after all, he might have made a goal in the shootout - but I figured he thought he had nothing to lose with his last game.  Oh well, it made for an interesting highlight.

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    Im so glad france lost! a perfect ending as well… typically with france trying to get ahead with short cuts only to find a kingdom built without a horse.

  • So I’ve heard that the US is out of touch with the rest of the world…

    e.g…soccer…the World Cup.

    How much of the population of China, India, SE Asia, the SW Pacific and Africa were riveted to the World Cup???

    Many games were settled 0-1 or 2-1. 
    Sounds a lot like US Kids soccer or…
    a boring baseball shutout(good only for the winning team as most viewers want action[read as"hits"]) or …
    the reverse of a modern basketball game with no defense(a nearly lost art seen more in the NCAA these days.)

  • Well, most everyone was riveted to the World Cup.  I have friends in India who were staying up well into the night to watch games, and they said pretty much everyone was doing the same time.  And Africa - are you kidding?  You should have seen the crowds in Abidan over the Cote d’Ivoire team.  🙂

    And oh you poor uninitiated soccer wannabe/newbie.  Do you not know the joys of watching coordinated offense and stunning feats of athletic ability?  Here just watch this:

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=tD-h_BDmQ6w&search=zidane volley


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