• Hey guys

    been looking aorund on the forum here but cant find anything on the board game Attack. Is it any good, I saw it at the hobby shop the other day for 30 dollars canadian but thought I would come on here and get your opinion on it. Is it any good?


  • it sounds interesting, and i really like what i have read about the combat resolution mechanism.  i think it is probably easier to learn than A&A so is probably easier to break rule wise (read something about BB stall the was similar to sub stall in a&a) but i am leaning towards getting this game for/to play with my kids/their friends.

  • Attack is a great game from, buy it !…. remember the exp. pack also

  • Just don’t play with less than three or four people.  I found the game agonizing because of the way neutrals get ridiculous armies that make them hard to take.  Personally, my friends and I didn’t like it and thought it was untasteful to only supply two thirds of the world so that you have to pay extra to get the rest of the map.

  • I’m also interested in Attack! and the its expansion pack. I previously bought a not-so-popular game from Eagle Games but I was stunned because of the detail of the miniatures, those damn miniatures… And now pieces from both Attack! boardgames can give me additional minis for use with A&A… Not to mention having the leisure of reading new rules while sipping coffee… How I love wargaming!

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    Yes thats what i use Attack for… the pieces… except they dont take too well to painting because its soft plastic. YOu have to use water based paints (brush) . Or you can use plasticote can to then respray them to match. The navy works better than those land pieces… i hate those tanks and planes… yuck!

  • Do they include naval units in the base game?

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    No none only land+ air.

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