• Is there a limit on the amount of Facilities you can have on a territory? Particularly Coastal Artillery and Fortifications.

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    You can place more than one factory in the same territory. That is how you can increase your production. You could build more than one air or naval base, however you can’t add up the modifiers. In other words you don’t add 2 to the movement of planes with 2 air bases. Building 2 naval bases in the same territory but servicing 2 different sea zones is already in the starting setup.
    It doesn’t say in the manual that you can’t build more than 1 fortification or coastal artillery but my sense is that it wouldn’t be consistent with the game’s mechanics that you could accumulate a benefit with more than one type of facility (except factories since you need them for production and not rolling or moving).

    In Version 3 tentative rules it states that you can build more than 1 fortification in a territory to defend another border which makes more sense (unless they are on the list of special fortification zones they only defend the border they are built for). Coastal Artillery it says flat out that you can’t. I would go with these rules since they appear to be clarifications and not rule changes.

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    I think the OP was asking if there was a limit as to how many types of facilities you can have in one location - 1 factory, 1 airbase, 1 naval base, 1 … - how many different types of facilities can one location have? I don’t know these rules enough to answer, but I think that your answer has little to do with the OP’s question.


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    Thank you I appreciate it.

  • @Midnight_Reaper
    No, I just didn’t clarify my question.

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