AARHE: Phase 2: Technology

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    No you didn’t get what I said… You said, “So anymore techs?” and I said beyond the one mentioned, no… It could be an NA if people think it isn’t in the “teching” class… But really some of the “techs” we have now under the same scrutiny wouldn’t be techs… Heavy Artillery for example (what is this representing in particular?)…


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    for your reading pleasure, here is the “Ship Technology” list for WW2 from wikipedia:


    Naval warfare changed dramatically during World War II, with the ascent of the aircraft carrier to the premier vessel of the fleet, and the impact of increasingly capable submarines (originally known as U-boats by the Germans) on the face of naval tactics. They were used primarily for stopping/destroying the resources from the United States and Canada coming across the ocean for the soldiers. The development of new ships during the war was somewhat limited due to the protracted time period needed for production, but important developments were often retrofitted to older vessels. Advanced German submarine types came into service too late and after nearly all the experienced crews had been lost.

    Submarines were critical in the Pacific Ocean as well as in the Atlantic Ocean. Japanese defenses against United States Navy submarines were ineffective. Much of the merchant fleet of the Empire of Japan, needed to supply its scattered forces and bring supplies such as petroleum and food back to the Japanese Archipelago, was sunk. This kept them from training adequate replacements for their lost aircrews and even forced the navy to be based near its oil supply. A submarine sank the war’s largest aircraft carrier, the Shinano.

    The most important shipboard advances were in the field of anti-submarine warfare. Driven by the desperate necessity of keeping Britain supplied, technologies for the detection and destruction of submarines was advanced at high priority. The use of ASDIC (SONAR) became widespread and so did the installation of shipboard and airborne radar.



  • oh I see
    thats fine
    the current tech list welcomes scrutiny

    check out the draft detailing the techs if you haven’t already

    the heavy artillery gives you a new unit at 5 IPC 3/2, it has ability to fight in adjacent territory with -1 modifier, provided itself is not being attacked

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