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    When rolling in axis and allies classic, the rules are clear that a player should roll for each attack/defense column at a time, starting with the lowest value and the opposing side is supposed to apply casualties before the attacker continues his rolls.

    (Pages 18 and example on page 25 in classic RB)

    Is this true for all versions of AnA? Cite rule please. It wasn’t obvious to me in the AnA40 rulebooks and ppl who use battle dice tend to throw everything at once…which has always seemed odd to me.

    Situations in a battle exist where this matters, especially with submarines or a bomber on defense / some other expensive “soak”.


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    So, to use the rules in A&A Europe 1940, Second Edition, (AAE '40 SE) as an example - the current rules do not call for rolling from the 1 column to the 4 column on the battle board. That said, those rules do call out certain actions as taking place before others. The AAE '40 SE rule book (which is available, along with all the current A&A rule set, at avalonhill.wizards.com/rules), pages 16 to 21, describe how combat goes down in the new rule set.

    Don’t assume that combat works the same as back in the Milton Bradley-era A&A. First, the bombing raids happen - with the counter-fire from AA Guns and Fighters taking places before the bombs start falling. Then, the Amphibious Assaults take place - first the naval battles, then the ground battle (assuming the naval battle is successful for the attacker). After that, the “pure” naval and ground fights take place. In the details for naval battles, either before an Amphibious Assault or just as a part of seizing a sea zone, submarine, their casualties, and their continued presence on the surface is taken care of in a special part of the naval combat round (assuming a destroyer on the other side of the fight hasn’t neutered the submarines’ special abilities).

    But yes, in a single round of combat, every unit eligible to shoot can be rolled up all at once, provided there is a way to tell the infantry hits from the fighter hits. Whether that is important or not, and whether the people you are playing with would like to do something about that, is up to you and them.


  • @Midnight_Reaper

    thanks for the reference Reaper. I found the sentence missing from my “updated” rulebook that I downloaded. I’m bookmarking this page and reprinting my rulebooks.

    Page 19 Step 3: “As many hits as possible must be assigned. For instance, if 1 cruiser and 2 submarines attack a carrier with a fighter and score 3 hits, the defender must assign the cruiser hit to the fighter and the submarine hits to the carrier. The defender may not assign the cruiser hit to the carrier, as the subs cannot hit the fighter and 1 sub hit would be lost.”

    These three sentences would not be necessary if sequential column rolling of the dice were part of the core rules as is such in Classic.

    Thanks again!

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