• If subs attack subs and there are no destroyers present, the attacked subs can just submerge without battling correct?

    Actually, if subs are attacked by any Navy where destroyers are not involved they can just submerge and avoid the whole battle correct?

  • Yup

  • @ShadowHAwk:

    Yeps so unless you got really weird ideas subs will never be attack without destroyers present.

    Unless you wanted them to soak hits as part of the defense of a larger fleet?

  • '21 '20 '18 '17

    good point.  There are reasons why you might want to fight–-say the Germans attack the Russian Cruiser and Sub with 1-2 ships, you might have the sub stay to prolong the battle or have it flee its all situational.  I’ve seen situations where people rush Novogrod Harbor ignoring the sub there and then getting scrambled against so its like 1-3 ships vs 1 sub and 2-3 planes…

    But once the a sub decides to submerge, they’re out and they can’t come back into the fight that battle, and you can decide for some to flee and some to stay…

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