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    Just started, ANZANC to go on T1. 31 IPC bid to the Allies. 1 Destroyer in 110, 1 in 112, 5 men in various parts of Africa. I rolled very poorly in Paris, but otherwise, i’ve done alright. T2 will be naval base on kwangsi by the japs, and with the german 68 i will probably go 1 SB, 12 inf, 5 half tracks. This stacks Normandy, Paris, West Germany, and gives me troops to shuttle to Norway. the 5 half tracks will head to the front. I feel my 2 tanks leftover in paris (the math was 95% with 7.5 units remaining) leads to a shortfall at moscow. the upside is all the UK fighers and French fighter that started on england and scotland got knocked out. 12 infantry is not very aggressive, but i like to stock up on germany T2.

    may not do DOW w/ Japan until T3 too keep the US off of europe.

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    I’m slow rolling this game to let my opponents build up.

    As it stands, it is the start of ANZAC T2. Germany sits w/ 49 IPCS, Japan @ 43, and Italy at 24.

    Italy plans to buy an ACC and TT on its turn to have a real navy. We cracked back agains the leftovers of Taranto with much success, and as UK is going w/ a persia complex, i think i can get the italian income up a bit before the US does its thing. Japan built a NB on kwangsi, and will continue building more ships while shucking 6 units a turn to southeast asia. with 43 IPCs, i’m looking at 5inf, 1 art, 1ACC and 1DD. Germany with 49 will most likely get 7 infantry, 1 art, and either 6 half tracks or 3 half tracks and a SB. the other possibility woulb be 9 inf, 1 art, 3 half tracks and a sub. I do have 4 SBs currently, but wouldn’t mind a fifth. 2 TTs in the baltic are allowing me to keep troops rolling to finland in the hopes of a T5 leningrad crush. I’m trying to win but still giving them a chance. any opinions of which of the 3 germany/japan buys sound the most fun? T4 will most likely be an all out japan DOW and germany may or may not declare war on the USSR. not sure if i will stew another turn for the 5 IPC bonus!

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    Not even going to post a picture… needless to say, in 3 important battles, the Allies rolled infantry hitting @ 80% accuracy… Axis are preparing concession… which is to bad, because had they gone how the math indicated, we would be in the middle of a really close game!

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    Interesting AAR!

    Germany is buying a lot more Infantry than I ever did. Also I’m curious how japan can now really start grabbing territory from the allies.
    Did Japan consider attacking the 12 russians in amur? With waiting that long before declaring war on the allies, this might have been a good use for all the aircraft these turns.

    By the way, I always wondered, what the advantage is of putting american fleet in SZ 102.

    Looking forward to your updates!

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    @koala So, we have been playing for almost 4 years now, and i have won virtually all the games. I gave them a 31 IPC bid, and also decided to not attack early. I find that not attacking early is actually a bigger boon to the allies than the bid. what is interesting is that, we are currently on T5 and i have leningrad, but such bad luck that i have no tanks. That alone isn’t a killer, but the falling into the 1% of possibilites on 2 major battles. The germans are, interestingly, just barely ahead of the russians but beginning to pump higher quality units out. i like the game to get to this interesting state where all sides have good stuff, and moves really matter! So to respond with Japan vs Amur, i run lean on the northern china border, so i really like to have enough that when the russians finally see i won’t budge, they take korea, negate the mongolian snow monkeys, i smoke them in korea, and begin the slog over the soviet far east.
    Additionally, the advantage of posturing in SZ102 is that, while all ships can make it to SZ 91 and invade gibralter, there is no plane assistance. However, with the ACC in 102, planes move 3 to attack gibralter, and can then be picked up by the ACC in 91.
    In the current turns, my only advantage is a strong Italian Navy (currently contains an ACC, 2 DDs, 1sub, 1cruiser, 2TTs and that i knocked out a large part of the US Navy in the pacific while simultaneously retaking the carolines. I’m at the point where i have to have the same uber rolls my opponents have had…
    All the infantry is to support the atlantic sea wall and denmark while fueling a stead supply of troops to scandinavia and slow moving infantry faster to the front via my 2 TTs in the baltic. This allows me to, with leningrad, move 3 tanks, 3-5 half tracks and 4 infantry a turn to the russian front, and i have enough ground forces and planes to make germany a slow burn for the allies instead of a quick stroke. this allows the japanese, even with the self imposed slow start, a chance to make things a real fight.

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    Also SZ102 allows planes to stage into London, or attack SZ110. SZ89 also allows attacks on Gibratar/Morocco but not the former two.

    Was a DD really bid in SZ112? There’s no allied units there so normally wouldn’t be allowed.

    I don’t think I understand the merit in the later DOWs. Moving a CV around to the Med I guess, but that investment doesn’t pay.

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    @simon33 You are correct, it was 111, I just goofed. Waiting to attack USSR with Germany or uk\anzac\US with Japan doesn’t let the axis run amok. It’s just done to give my friends time to build.

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    Why not spend 2 more IPCs and get a far more useful fighter in Scotland? Or is the DD good enough to prevent both fleets being attacked?

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    @simon33 I have no idea why they didn’t go w/ the Scot fighter . I let them pick, and i think i smoked most of the stuff they had first round (the DD didn’t do much on its own), and the luftwaffe got the rest on T2. That was when i decided to not attack early anybody i wasn’t already at war with…

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