• Hi all,

    The rest of my victory cities are now available for purchase on Shapeways. Here is the list of pieces in each set:

    Set 2A: Europe
    Central Railway Station (Helsinki, Finland)
    St. Mark’s Church (Belgrade, Yugoslavia)
    Saint Sophia Cathedral (Kiev, Russia)
    The Marble Arch (Libya)

    Set 2B: Asia
    Temple of Heaven (Peking, China)
    The Raffles Hotel (Singapore)
    Trans-Siberian Rail Station (Vladivostok, Russia)
    Railway Station (Novosibirsk, Russia)

    Set 2C: Africa
    Basilica of Algiers (Algeria)
    Cape Town City Hall (South Africa)
    Stockholm City Hall (Sweden)
    Hagia Sofia (Istanbul, Turkey)

    Set 2D: Americas
    Christ the Redeemer statue (Rio de Janeiro)
    Empire State Building (New York City)
    Kavanagh Building (Buenos Aires)
    Navy Pier (Chicago)

    Renders of the larger set are attached to this post, next to pieces from my first set that came out last fall - to give an idea of the size of the pieces.

    They are available in both the smaller or larger sizes to match my earlier sets, and can be found here: Link to Shapeways Store

    I have not test printed any of the pieces, but they all pass automated Shapeways checks and should be fine. Please contact me here or on Shapeways if you encounter any problems with the pieces.


  • And another picture better showing the sizes…


  • Hey there Ebard……in order to match my set…that I got from you in the test…large or small for me?

  • Leatherneckinlv, you have the large set.

    Also for future reference, here is the original thread (link) where we discussed which pieces should be in this set.

  • You’re missing the biggest monument on earth. The Parthenon in Athens Greece.

  • 2023 '22 '21 '20 '19 '18 '17

    Wow EBard, sounds awesome! I definitely got to scrape the funds together to get these in my arsenal soon!

  • @Erocco:

    You’re missing the biggest monument on earth. The Parthenon in Athens Greece.

    Go to Shapeways, search for 7 Wounders, it even has the correct scale :-)

  • mr EBard, is this the final set ? I cant see Oslo or Madrid.

  • This is the final set for the time being. Depending on how much demand there is for these pieces, I’m open to making one or two more sets, maybe in the late Fall or next year sometime. Right now I want to take a break for a bit and then work on some other projects (I have a long list of requested ships that I want to work on next).

    If I do make more sets, one would probably be a “Capitals of Europe” to fill in some of the missing cities like Madrid, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, and Prague. Then the second set might contain non-european capitals that are in high demand. Definitely let me know if you have suggestions for cities or buildings that can be used and I’ll write them all down and consider them.

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