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Need ideas for key city markers

  • Has anyone come up with a good idea for markers to denote key cities (a la AA50)?  I’m thinking of either making some the size of scrabble tiles in Photoshop, printing them out on sticker paper, and adhering them to scrabble tiles, or getting some extra city markers from Fortress America and writing the names of the cities on the bottoms of them.


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    There was a project along those lines a while ago…

    Axis and Allies.org Boards > General > Axis & Allies Customizations > Nation- (and City-) Specific Victory City Markers

    …but I don’t think the full set was ever finished.  As far as I know, no markers were produced for Calcutta, Hong Kong, Leningrad, Manila, Ottawa and Sydney.

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    I’m using territory controlling country flags on major and minor factory’s and flags for the other country controlled victory city’s. If victory city is captured or Liberated then that country’s flag goes there. I’ll try and get a pic.

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    I was able to obtain 3d-printed markers on shapeways. They are translucent plastic. Very small, but with good detail.

    The Capital Set (all nations) is $25 USD and includes the following:

    Germany - Reichstag Building
    Japan - Imperial Palace
    Italy - Coliseum

    U.K. - Westminster Palace
    U.S. - Capitol Building
    U.S.S.R. - St. Basil’s Cathedral
    FEC - Taj Mahal
    ANZAC - Sydney Harbor Bridge
    France - Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe

    When I bring them out for a game, folks are always impressed.

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