Suggestion: Territorial Additions And Changes (G40)

  • The majority of this is a compilation of territory additions to Global 1940, mostly islands.

    Please use the map with British Columbia, the Yukon Territory and Sea Zone 128 in the Caspian Sea.

    In terms of customisations, I’d use the Indian Air Force Markers only for territories that were a part of British Raj. The rest of U.K. Pacific’s territories would have the Royal Air Force Marker. I like the Italian roundel (even though it and the Indian Air Force marker are both innacurate). I’d also give South and South-west Africa their air force markers of the time because they were independent by that time. I’m also not a fan of painting Mozambique and Angola as independent when they weren’t.

    There are other territories that I’d change the markers of. Including: Mexico, South-east Mexico, Central America (there are six countries there, but the U.S. controlled the Panama Canal Zone, therefore their marker will be on Central America as well), West Indies (and all that I split it into), Greenland (Danish), Iceland (Danish), the Low Countries, Denmark, Norway, Vyborg (Finnish), Baltic States, Eastern Poland, Poland, Bessarabia (Romanian), Slovakia–Hungary, Romania, Albania, Greater Southern Germany (German, Austrian and Czech), Abyssinia/Ethiopia and the Belgian Congo. Said territories will still remain as though they’re originally controlled. In this context, even though they aren’t originally owned by these nations they are the playable nation who originally controlled them, meaning one can still place a major complex if said territory(s) is worth three or above. Said air force symbols are purely symbolic and are present for emmersion.

    With such territorial additions here, I’d change one aspect of the British Atlantic national objective, being that any territories outside of Britain proper excluding Scotland will not be counted because it’d be too easy for Germany to just take a random island and make things much harder for Britain.

    Sea Zone 1: Vancouver Island, Queen Charlotte Islands (Canadian), Alexander Archipelago and Kodiak Island (American) (first south-east, second east, redesign third, fourth exists on the map already — add titles).
    Sea Zone 2: St. Lawrence Island (American) (centre facing).
    Please split the Aleutian Islands into east and west Aleutian Islands (Western Aleutian Islands counts like the regular Aleutian Islands).
    Sea Zone 5: Soviet Sakhalin,* Shantarskiye Island, Karaginskiy Island and Commander Island (Soviet) (first west facing, second east facing, third far east facing).
    Sakhalin issplit between Japan and the U.S.S.R. Sea Zone 6’s side belongs to Japan, Sea Zone 5 belongs to the Soviet Union.
    Sea Zone 6: Japanese Sakhalin,
    Kuril Islands, Nampõ and Shotõ (Japanese) (first north-west facing, second north-east facing, third and fourth south-east facing).
    Sea Zone 8: Pribilof Island (American) (north facing).
    Sea Zone 10: Isle De Guadolope and Clarion Island (Mexican/American) (two seperate territories) (former centre facing, latter slight south-west facing).
    Sea Zone 11: Clipperton Island (French) (slightly east facing).
    Sea Zone 17: Bonin Islands and Volcano Islands (Japanese) (former north-west facing and latter centre facing).
    Sea Zone 18: Daitõ Islands (Japanese) (centre facing).
    Sea Zone 19: Ryukyu Islands (Japan) (seperate from Okinawa).
    Sea Zone 21: Parece Vela (Japanese) (centre facing).
    Please move Guam to Sea Zone 22, below the Marianas.
    Please add Macau (Portuguese) over Kwangtung.
    Please move the American Line Islands south-west and split each island more.
    Sea Zone 29: British Line Islands (British Pacific) (centre facing).
    Sea Zone 38: Andaman Islands (British Pacific) (centre facing).
    Sea Zone 41: Cocos Islands (ANZAC) (centre facing).
    Sea Zone 42: Christmas Island (ANZAC) (south-west facing), Bali, Nusu Teneggra, South Maluku (Dutch) (redesign second and third from map, third is far eastward) and Portuguese Timor (recolour from map).
    Sea Zone 44: North Maluku (Dutch) (redesign from map).
    Sea Zone 45: East Maluku (Dutch) (redesign from map).
    Please move Samoa to Sea Zone 49, far east in the sea zone, and make it ANZAC.
    Please move the Solomon Islands to the left a bit, having the westmost island part of New Britain and make it British (Pacific).
    Sea Zone 49: Tokelau, Phoenix Islands, Elice Islands, (British Pacific) (first centre west, second north-west and third centre), Wallis and Futunia (French) (south centre) and American Samoa (east facing).
    Sea Zone 50: Cook Islands (ANZAC), (far west facing) and French Polynesia (east).
    Sea Zone 51: Pitcairn Islands (British Pacific) (south-west), Easter Island and Sala-Y-Gomez (Chile) (former centre and latter east).
    Please move the New Hedbrides to the north-west a bit.
    Please move Fiji to Sea Zone 53, east of the New Hebrides, near the centre of the sea zone.
    Sea Zone 53: New Caledonia (French) (south-west facing), Tonga (British Pacific) (east facing) and Niue (ANZAC) (far east facing).
    Sea Zone 55: Melville Island (ANZAC) (centre facing).
    Sea Zone 59: Amsterdam and St. Paul Island (French) (former centre facing, latter south facing).

    Give West India a Naval Base (Bombay).
    Give Western Australia a Naval Base (Perth).
    Give British Columbia a Naval Base (Vancouver).
    Make the Yukon Territory worth one (mining activity was decently high at the time).

    You can split the U.S.A. like this:
    California: worth six and has the facilities and complex.
    Washington–Oragon–Idaho: worth one.
    Western United States: worth three.

    Sea Zone 61: Kangaroo Island (ANZAC) (recolour and enlarge from map).
    Please move New Zealand to the left by a bit.
    Sea Zone 63: Norfolk Islands, Ball’s Pyaramid Islands, Kermadec Islands and Chatham Islands (ANZAC) (first north facing, second west facing, third north-east and fourth centre east).
    Please add Lesotho and Swaziland (British) over South Africa.
    Sea Zone 64: Isle Del Coco (Costa Rican) (centre facing) and Galapogogos Island (Ecuadorian) (south-west facing).
    Sea Zone 65: Isle San Felix–Isle San Ambrosso and Isle Juan Fermández (Chile) (two different territories) (former north facing and latter centre facing).
    Sea Zone 67: Falkland Islands (British) (north-west facing) and British Antarctic Territory.
    Sea Zone 68: South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (seperate islands) (British) (former slightly centre north facing and latter slightly east facing).
    Sea Zone 69: Tristen De Kunha (British) (north-east facing).
    Sea Zone 72: Zanzibar, Mauritius, Seychelles (British) (first north-west facing, adjacent to Tanganyika Territory, second south-east facing and third north-westfacing), Réunion and Comoros (French) (former south-east, adjacent to Mauritius, and latter south-west facing).
    Please add French Somaliland around British Somaliland.
    Sea Zone 78: British Indian Ocean Territory (British Pacific) (centre facing).
    Please add Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Goa (latter worth one) (Portuguese) over West India.
    Sea Zone 79: Maldives (British Pacific) (centre facing).
    Please add Aden, Kuwait and Muscat and Oman (British).
    Sea Zone 80: Socotra and Qatar (British) (former south-west facing and latter in the Persian Gulf).
    Please add Spanish Guinea over French Equatorial Africa.
    Sea Zone 82: Annobon (Spanish) (centre facing).
    Please add Cabinda (Portuguese) over French Equatorial Africa and the Belgian Congo.
    Sea Zone 83: Ascension Island and St. Helena (two seperate islands) (British) (former centre facing and latter south facing).
    Sea Zone 84: Fernando De Noronha (Brazil) (centre facing).
    Please make Sierra Leone British.
    Please add The Gambia (British) around Portuguese Guinea.
    Sea Zone 86: Martin Vaz (Brazil) (slightly north-east facing).
    Sea Zone 87: Cape Verde (Portuguese) (south facing).
    Sea Zone 88: Trinidad And Tabago (British) (west facing).
    Please expand Sea Zone 89 slightly east.
    Please add Belize over South-east Mexico.
    Sea Zone 89: Cayman Islands, Jamaica (British) (please recolour Jamaica from West Indies), Curacoa–Aruba–Bonaire (Dutch) (south facing), Cuba, Heiti–Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico (American — split from the West Indies), American Virgin Islands (north facing), Leeward Islands (British) (north to south-east facing), Guadolope, Martinique (French) (east facing), Windward Islands and Barbados (British) (two seperate islands) (former far west facing, latter west facing).
    Sea Zone 90: Azores (Portuguese) (north-east facing).
    Please add Spanish Morocco.
    Please expand Morroco west atop the north of Spanish Sahara (I’d just say draw a line from southern Morroco straight west).
    Please rename Rio De Oro to Spanish Sahara and make it Spanish.
    Sea Zone 91: Madeira (Portuguese) (west facing) and Canary Islands (Spanish) (south facing).
    Please make Belearic Islands (Sea Zone 93) a distinct territory and Spanish.
    Please make Corsica (Sea Zone 95) French.

    Please rename the space “United Kingdom” to ‘England.’
    Please rename the space “Holland–Belgium” to ‘Low Countries’ or ‘Netherlands–Belgium–Luxembourg.’@
    Please make Portuguese Guinea, Angola and Mozambigue Portuguese.


    Give Scotland a Naval Base (Scapa Flow).
    Make Ireland worth one.
    Give Denmark a Naval Base (Copenhagen).
    Give Netherlands–Belgium–Luxembourg a Naval Base (Amsterdam).
    Give Greece a Naval Base (Athens).
    Give Turkey a Naval Base (Istanbul.)
    Give Spain a Naval and Air base (Madrid/Barcelona/Bilboa).
    Give Portugal a Naval Base (Lisbon).
    Give Brazil a Naval Base (Rio De Janeiro) and split it into east and west with the east making two and the west making one.
    Give Argentina a Naval Base (Buenos Aires).
    Give Chile a Naval Base (Valparíso/Santiago).
    Make Bolivia worth one and pro-Allies.
    Make Peru worth one.
    Make Ecuador worth one.
    Make Colombia worth one.

    Sea Zone 101: Bahamas (re-colour and add from existing map) and Bermuda (British) (east facing).
    Please make Newfoundland (British) (Sea Zone 106) seperate from Labrador.
    Please make Prince Edward Island (Sea Zone 106) its own territory and remove the random, non-existing island east of Newfoundland.
    Sea Zone 106: Anticosti Island and St. Pierre and Miquelon (French) (slightly south of Newfoundland).
    Sea Zone 109: Isle Of Man (British) (on map, rebrand).
    Sea Zone 110: Jersey–Guernsey (one territory) (British) (south from London).
    Sea Zone 111: Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands (British) (centre facing).
    Sea Zone 113: Ronne (Danish/German).
    Sea Zone 114: Visby (Swedish) (recolour from map).
    Sea Zone 115: Saarema–Hijama (Soviet/Estonian) (centre facing).
    Sea Zone 119: Hebrides (British) (redesign from map).
    Please add Northwest Territories (Canadian).
    Sea Zone 120: Akimiski Island, Belcher Islands, Mansel Island, Coats Island and Southampton Island (Canadian) (all on map, redesign second and fifth).
    Sea Zone 121: Baffin Island, Akpotok Island and Resolution Island (Canadian) (second is on map).
    Please move Greenland to Sea Zone 122.
    Sea Zone 123: Faroe Islands (British/Danish) (south-east facing) and Jan Mayen (British/Norwegian) (north-east facing).
    Sea Zone 127: Koguluyev Island (Soviet) (north-east facing).

    Add Air Base on Québec.
    Make Alberta–Saskatchewan–Manitoba worth two (agriculture and mining).
    Add East Prussia, worth one (German).

    You can split the U.S.A. like this:
    North-east United States: worth thirteen and has the facilities and complex.
    South-east United States: worth five.
    Florida: worth two.
    Central United States: Worth six.
    Texas: Worth six and has the complex.

  • I wouldn’t mind making Portugal worth two, Spain worth three, Switzerland worth one, Kazakhstan worth two and Turkey worth three. I’ve also considered adding Tibet, worth one, pro-Allied with one infantry, around Yuunan.

  • I was thinking about splitting Japan, which I went into on the list. However, along with that I had another idea. That being, making Thailand (Siam) a pro-Axis neutral. But, to make up for the loss of one IPC, I’d divide the income of Japan like this when splitting it up: Honshu (worth three and has the facilities and complex), Kyushu (worth two), Shikoku (worth one) and Hokkaido (worth two). I’d make Thailand’s border accurate in this case, making it border Malaya. Although, there would be the problem of the U.K. trying to attack Thailand. I’d just make doing so be judged as an unprovoked declaration of war by Japan, just as Britain attacked another Japanese or entered China.

  • Honshu was meant to be worth four not three. My apologies, I don’t know how –- if possible — to edit messages.

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    … I don’t know how — if possible — to edit messages.

    Klick “Modify” in the upper right corner of your posting that you want to edit.

    Welcome to the forum, Spaghetti King 🙂

  • Socotra on the list was supposed to be Bahrain, I apologise for that.

  • The Western Aleutian Islands were supposed to be in Sea Zone 4.

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